wovenhand - refractory obdurate

Wovenhand sure ain’t metal, but if you’re into expanding your musical palate for the day, then look no further. The dark folk turned post-punk act (at least for the time being) will be releasing their new album Refractory Obdurate on April 25th through Converge frontman Jacob Bannon’s Deathwish Inc, but you can stream this haunting record right now in its entirety now via Pitchfork.

If you can get past the eerie gospel vibes (yes gospel — Wovenhand mastermind David Eugene Edwards is devoutly religious) and the country, western, and folk influence, then you’re in for a treat. Few records this year will be as eccentric and forward thinking as this, and it’s a goldmine of musical brilliance if you give it time.

We realize this isn’t the typical thing you’d come to this site to find, so I want to hear from you. How’s it treating you? Do you love it? Hate it? Let us know. It’s good to get outside of your comfort zone and listen to new music, and if it isn’t your thing, there’s no shame in that.

If you dig Wovenhand though, you can pre-order Refractory Obdurate now at this location.

– JR



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