all we love we leave behind

It’s always intriguing to get a closer look at the visual and aesthetic realm that surround an artist’s music. Album covers, leaflet artwork or even artist drawn works can all give us a more immediate connection with an album or a song. We were excited then when Converge, undoubtedly one of the most interesting acts out there, released a video for the title track off their last album, All We Love We Leave BehindYou can watch it on Epitaph Records‘ YouTube channel or right here after the jump!


The video certainly features some interesting ideas and is well fitted to the overall feeling the track conveys. Especially potent are the claustrophobic images of being tied to a rock while some dark thing inches closer to swallow you whole. The video also features some interesting hints at familiar Converge imagery, featuring a flickering sun or moon in the first few seconds and flowers that remind one of their EP release a few months back. All of this just serves to remind us of how powerful Converge can be and how we all need new material from them, and soon.



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