So this is a bit of a pleasant surprise. Deathwish Inc., whom you may know as the record label setup by Tre McCarthy and Jacob Bannon (Converge) have announced plans to put together a couple of all-dayers in July, featuring a whole selection of bands from their roster. It’s every bit as crusty and heavy as it sounds.

Converge and Trap Them will headline both nights, but each one will feature different bands, including Code Orange KidsCult Leader and Young And In The Way. Honestly, it looks amazing — if you’re in the area, then you should make every effort to go. You can grab tickets for each individually this weekend or even grab a ticket that gets you entry into both nights and a limited silkscreen print — fancy.

The release statement reads as:

We are proud to announce a two night Deathwish event at The Sinclair in Cambridge MA, featuring exclusively Deathwish related artists.
This is the first in a series of Deathwish Events that will happen in the future.

So it’s possible this isn’t the only Deathwish related goody we’re going to be seeing in the coming days.

– DL

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