structures life through a window

Metal and hardcore are supposed to be loud, but I’m of the opinion that it should be a choice left up to the listener, not the people involved in production. Structures were major casualties in “The Loudness War” in the likes that we have never seen before from a professionally produced record with their debut record Divided By. It was compressed to the point of distortion and the whole record was hard to listen to. A shame really, because the band showed much promise. Now we’re on the cusp of the group’s sophomore record, and while the band’s new track ‘The Worst of Both Worlds‘ isn’t quite as bad, the problem still persists.

The track itself seems to be a step up from the Divided By material in that there aren’t any cringe-worthy pop punk vocals, and there are a lot of legitimately cool riffs involved. Check it out:


The track appears on the group’s sophomore record Life Through A Window, which will be out May 13th through Sumerian Records. Pre-orders are available at this location.

– JR

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