coma prevail

It seems like it’s been a while since we’ve heard a great new band that is in the business of peddling adept chaotic hardcore that made bands like Botch, The Chariot, Architects, and Norma Jean‘s early work so visceral. Now, half those bands are gone and the other half don’t really hit that spot the same way they used to. Tucson, AZ based group Coma Prevail are looking to fill the void in a genre seemingly forgotten, and it took the dissolution of The Bled and Scary Kids Scaring Kids (both of whom did a great job to begin with) for it to happen.

The Bled guitarist Jeremy Ray Talley and Scary Kids vocalist Tyson Stevens got together to form Coma Prevail and wasted no time finding a full lineup to record their three-track EP last year, which you can stream below. I could weave a bunch of flowery pronouns together to get my point across, but I’ll let the music speak for itself.




The group will be recording more music this year, so keep up with Coma Prevail on Facebook for more info as it comes in.

– JR


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