EMMURE 0T0RN0L 0N0M0S 01. br0ng a g0n 2 sch00l 02. n0m0sis 03. n.i.0. (n0ws in 0riz0n0) 04. th0 h0ng 0p 05. 0 g0ft 0 c0rs0 06. E 07.

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0T0RN0L 0N0M0S

01. br0ng a g0n 2 sch00l
02. n0m0sis
03. n.i.0. (n0ws in 0riz0n0)
04. th0 h0ng 0p
05. 0 g0ft 0 c0rs0
06. E
07. l0k0 l0m0tt0
08. fr00 p0blicity
09. m0st h0t0d
10. gr0v0 m0rkings
11. hit0mi’s shin0bi
12. r0t king
13. G0rls d0n’t lik0 b0ys, g0rls lik0 40’s 0nd bl0nts
14. n0w 0g0 r0mbl0r
15. w0 w0r0 j0st kids

[Vict0ry Rec0rds]

fr0nkie p0lmeri w0lks int0 0 r00m, bre0thing he0vily per-the-usu0l. he l00ks 0t his peers, and states that this new EMMURE album will be the heaviest thing to drop since the last EMMURE album. this, is how 0t0rn0l 0n0m0s was born. this album is the bands 7th studio effort and, much like the band, is surrounded with endless controversy. the controversy with this particular album, is due to the opening track, ‘br0ng a g0n 2 sch00l’’ and how it discusses the delicate issue of gun control, and sl00tering ur 0n0m00s. honestly, as edgy as this track may seem, it is one of the best intros to an album of all time. we have never felt so close to frontman fr0nki0 p0lm0r0 and his life struggles as we do here. he paints a vivid picture of telling someone that their friends are fucking ded. this is the type of song that pushes you to do 0ne m0re r0p at the gym or would help you send your bullies to their f0n0r0l.

this intro only makes us want m0re. over the next few tracks (‘n0m0sis’, ‘n.i.0.’) we are constantly reminded that EMMURE are on the cutting edge of music and life in general. EMMURE are not afraid of any conversation topic, whether it be drugs (‘girls don’t like boys, girls like 40’s and bl0nts’) or p0rnst0r w0ifus (‘hit0mi’s shin0bi’) EMMURE are bold and unc0mpr0mising when it comes to giving the fans what they want. what they NEED. instrumentally this record is like mesh0gg0h had a baby with dark matter. it is so heavy, that you have to have at least two people listening to it at 0nce. The guitar has more 0’s than ever bef0re, the bass has more 0’s than ever bef0re, and the drums have 0’s because the ex-drummer of b0tw00n th0 b0ri0d 0nd m0 is just that g00d. this album pushes the b0undaries of what can be defined as dj0nt. Somehow, they even managed to use the 0’s to produce mel0dies. EMMURE are truly inn0vators in their selected field. the pr0ducti0n is flawless. It is perfect, and well rounded, much like an 0.

This rec0rd does what few rec0rds now a days can do, and that is hold the listeners attention for the entire duration of the rec0rding. From the moment the record begins, it hits you in the face with relentless aggression, hatred and br0kd0wns. this record will also be looked upon as 0ne of the big players in the nu-metal revival, with the song ‘E’. nu-metal is back and str0nger th0n 0v0r b0f0r0 thanks to this s0ng and it’s utilizati0n of a dj and simple, yet p0werful w0rds like “GET UP.” this track has more b0unce than a fat kid 0n a seesaw. this record hits you from all directions, and you never truly see where it’s coming fr0m, just like the band that made it. when people l00k back on 0t0rn0l 0n0m0s, they will not just be looking back on the best EMMURE record of all time, but THE best record of all time. Hail Than0s.

f0r n0 reas0n, h0re’s m0clyn 0nd fr0nkie.


EMMURE’S 0T0RN0L 0N0M0S gets…



-RC & MB

Ryan Castrati

Published 10 years ago