Thrice are another one of those bands that I just happened to get into, just as they were beginning their much publicized hiatus. People were always telling me that they were doing something different and fascinating, but by the time I’d delved into Major/Minor and The Alchemy Index, the buzz had died down to a quiet lull. With that in mind, the prospect of the band returning has got a particularly poignant prang to it. And if a recent Reddit AMA is anything to go by, then we may not have to wait much longer.

Vocalist and guitarist Dustin Kensrue took to the site over the weekend answering questions, so it obviously wasn’t long until someone sprang for the question on everybody’s mind since they announced their hiatus: ‘are you guys ever coming back?’

And, for one, it was as easy as that, with Kensrue replying:

Tour of some kind: very very likely. Recording of some kind: I hope so and suspect yes.

So, there we have it. Listen to ‘Digital Sea‘ dammit.


– DL

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