A little while back, I told you guys about a band named Herod who are making a huge racket over in Switzerland right now. At the time, we only had a small teaser of music, but now the band have returned with a brand new video for ‘We Are  The Failure‘, a monolithic and churning mass of lumbering riffs that sways and twists. Climb the colossi below:


I’ve described them before as ‘Cult Of Luna on a Meshuggah binge’ and this still applies, but it’s a little more swayed to the former than the latter, here on ‘We Are The Failure‘. It’s still pretty much the audio equivalent of the meeting with Phalanx though, for those of you that enjoyed Shadow Of The Colossus, so the atmosphere is tar thick and each section and passage rumbles like some unholy conjuring.

The track is taken from They Were None, that will see a May 2nd release through Mighty Music.

– DL


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