Just in case you were looking a serving of otherworldly despair this morning, you’ll be glad to know that black metal supergroup Twilight are streaming their new album III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb in full.

It’s available here through the Pitchdork player, which despite it’s sometimes janky functionality still looks pretty great.

I reviewed the record a good while back now and suggested at the time that fans of Oranssi Pazuzu and Corrections House would find more than enough common ground in this wallowing and murky record to really love it. It’s not a swirling cacophony of chaos, like a lot of more traditional black metal aims for, instead they conjure up brooding atmospheres and an intense ambience, designed to make you feel as uncomfortable as possible. Plus, you’ve got to hear it, just see what the bastard spawn of The Atlas MothLeviathan and Sonic Youth sounds like.


– DL


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