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Electronic/metal oddity The Algorithm isn’t content with following up a celebrated debut Polymorphic Code with a standard conventional release; the act’s sophomore full-length album OCTOPUS4 will come exclusively to backers for an impending sci-fi shoot-em-up game titled Pirates VS Privateers. Though, it might be a bit hard to get.

Via the press release:

In association with BASICK Records and underground gaming developers Rogue Star Games, the new 12-track album will be exclusively available in CD and digital formats as part of a funding development for a brand new shoot-em-up space fighter, intended for future release on PS4, Mac OSX, Linux and Windows PC platforms.

Starting today (March 20th 2014) fans can pledge towards the campaign and in return receive an extensive number of rewards, including copies of ‘OCTOPUS4’. Not only that; once development is complete and ready to launch, the game itself will also feature an entirely new soundtrack, also scored exclusively by THE ALGORITHM.

So while The Algorithm scored the game, the album itself is a standalone release that just so happens to be exclusive to the game? Seems confusing, and the wording doesn’t indicate if the album will be made available outside of the Kickstarter campaign.

What’s worse, it seem that the least amount you’ll need to contribute to get the album is a whopping $35 to get a digital copy, and that’s a part of packages that will contain either the game itself OR the soundtrack, but you’ll have to pay separate to get all three. Oddly, the “JUST.THE.MUSIC.PACKAGE” doesn’t contain OCTOPUS4. To get the game, the soundtrack, and the album together in one package, you’ll have to pay $89. No bueno.

So to be honest I’m not too stoked on the perk packages or their pricing, but a new The Algorithm record is definitely worth getting excited over, so I’m torn.
Hopefully I’m just misreading the information given and that we’ll get OCTOPUS4 and the soundtrack without the pricey game bundles in the future.

If the Kickstarter campaign meets its goal of $189,999 (woah) in 39 days, OCTOPUS4 will be released on June 2nd.

– JR


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