in colour

Dan Tompkins has an incredible voice — this is pretty much a universally well known fact by now. So it’s great that we still get to hear it fairly regularly, despite his departure from the band we most likely all learnt him from, Tesseract.  The latest comes in the form of In Colour, a collaboration featuring most notably Dan Weller of SikTh and Tompkins himself indulging in their love of 80’s and 90’s pop music. ‘The Mess We’re In‘ won’t so much tear you a new one, as it will lovingly caress your old one. Whatever that means.


The track is taken from band’s upcoming debut album, which by all accounts should be nearing completion soon, and, while the genre is not exactly my forte, it does it’s job of lodging itself directly into your head with a combination of soothing vocals and electronic melodies. Fucking beautiful, innit?

– DL


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