If you had to pick two bands to represent the newer wave of technical death metal that’s glitching it’s way out of Canada, then you wouldn’t really be going wrong by name dropping Unhuman and Beyond Creation. Both bands have dropped some truly mind-bending music in the last few years and easily played favourites to many of the staff group, so a collaboration between members of both acts should be suitably insane, right?

Well, the answer is a resounding yes and it comes in the form of Teramobil‘s new video ‘Multispectral Supercontinuum‘ (I love it when bands are huge fans of combinations of non-linear optical processes such as four-wave mixing and phase modulation, usually found within PCF fibres — it’s exactly what I look for in my music). There’s dancing, there’s music and there’s a whole lot of people watching and not really understanding what’s going on, so check it:


I wish I could explain the brilliantly insane video for you, but I’m equally as dumbfounded by that as I am relentless fretboard wizardry these guys are conjuring. But now I at least know how to whip out ‘The Testes Shake’ at parties.

– DL

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