You guys remember HYPNO5E, the French art-metal band melding Gojira-like guitar work and cinematic ambiance before that whole djent thing caught on? It’s only been two years since their last effort Acid Mist Tomorrow, which is about right for an album cycle, but it feels much longer! Turns out, they’ve been planning a new release, but they’re in need of some funds to make it happen.

The band are in need of 6,000€ (about 8311.80 USD) to make the record happen, but fortunately they’ve already gained 5,146 € as of this writing — 86% of their goal! — with 41 days to spare. Any money earned over their goal will be put towards re-pressing their first two albums. Good news for everyone!

Read the band’s plea and support HYPNO5E over at Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.

And in case you’re unfamiliar, you can watch the video for their track ‘Story of the Eye’ below.


– JR


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