With the revelation that dreams really do come true, I was pretty excited to see that blackened death metallers Akercocke had returned with a new and apparently official Facebook page just yesterday, located here for those of you that are curious.

The band sort of slowly dissolved over the course of the last few years, never really revealing many details, before the members of Voices (featuring many ex-members of Akercocke and whose 2013 release From the Human Forest Create a Fugue of Imaginary Rain spent a large amount of time in my playlist) kind of let slip that the band had officially split up. Which is a shame because they were making some really interesting music.

However, I sent the page a message in a slavering fanboy hype-train moment and while they confirmed the page was indeed official, I was told not to get too excited at the prospect of a return from the band any time soon. Nevertheless, these guys were a hugely important band in the UK scene, slowly shifting into more and more progressive sounds over the course of their career. So, anyone whose a fan of progressive death metal should definitely check them out whether they’re active or not.


– DL

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