archspire the lucid collective

We are truly in a golden age of blastbeats and ferocious death metal riffing it seems, with Canada’s Archspire throwing their hat into the ring with a new 2014 album, entitled The Lucid Collective. The group announced the album today and, alongside it, brought with them a brand new track entitled ‘Lucid Collective Somnambulation. Needless to say, it’s absolutely insane.


It starts off unassuming enough, but it’s not long before the entire affair bursts into some terrifyingly fast passages that twist and turn with an Origin-like precision and churn out more ideas than some bands manage in a lifetime. It’s the sort of deafening racket that makes you wonder why people are still even harping on about Necrophagist when it’s clear so many bands have become unstoppable tech-infested monsters in their absence.

The Lucid Collective will melt faces via Season Of Mist, come the 25th of April.

– DL


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