broken cross

Architects have been on uneven ground following their 2009 album Hollow Crown, and while their last record Daybreaker (2012) put them back on track, it just didn’t resonate with me in the same fashion. My fingers are crossed that their upcoming record Lost Forever // Lost Together is worthy of the legacy. The album’s first single ‘Broken Cross’ is certainly a good sign, at least.

Religion is likely the most often mined subject matter in metal and hardcore genres, rife with controversy and conviction. It’s no shock either than the genre is more often than not skeptical at best when it comes to spirituality and the possibility of a divine creator. We aren’t one of those sites that’s militant in any direction; we’ve got Atheists, Christians, and Muslims alike on board and we get along quite nicely most days. One thing we can agree on though is that ‘Broken Cross’ is one of the better songs they’ve done since Hollow Crown, despite its subject matter.

And even still, who can’t agree that humanity does some pretty shitty things in the name of God? The new video features heavy reference to the Westboro Baptist Church, for instance. Check it out below.


The BLEGH! is strong with this one.

Lost Forever // Lost Together is due out March 11th via Epitaph Records.

– JR

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