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I’ll pre-warn you, this one is a little bit of a stretch but bare with me.

Ryan Joost Van Poederooyen, the amazingly named percussionist behind a large amount of the solo work of the baldy genius himself Devin Townsend, has teased a new drum play-through video through his Twitter account and… Well, I’ll let you work through the hints yourself:

Working on a new RVP drum cam….. it requires lots of coffee ;) Stay posted…

Exactly, it’s no secret that Z2 is on the horizon for us, we’ve heard a clip that sound like they could be from the record, and I can’t see why it would something from the first Ziltoid installment at a time like now. So, could we possibly be seeing more Ziltoid music in near future?

I don’t know, just get hyped beyond all belief and then blame someone else when it doesn’t work out.


– DL

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