So it would seem the old-school version of The Haunted are undoubtedly back with the release of a new EP Eye Of The Storm and a new/old lineup to boot. If you’ve followed the band’s trajectory from the beginning, through visceral and thrashy death metal to more melodic and subdued territory, you’ll probably know both eras had their merits. But it’s hard to deny that around the time of One Kill Wonder and Made Me Do It they were churning out some of the most instantly infectious death metal out there and ‘My Enemy‘ channels that perfectly:


Metal Hammer, once again, have the brought us this track — they really are doing work lately.

Either way, ‘My Enemy‘ has got that crusty old-school ‘God Puppet‘ vibe that takes me back to the same day I bought One Kill Wonder, just because of the artwork, as an impressionable kid. I can’t believe I waited this long to check this release out, don’t make the same mistake as me.

– DL


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