humanitys last breath

One of the worst (or best!) parts about early in the new year is re-finding all the great records you just didn’t give enough time to previously. I’ve been spinning Humanity’s Last Breath‘s self-titled from last year a lot lately and I can safely say the amount of sheer groove that record has is absolutely ridiculous. If you haven’t heard it yet, essentially you can expect and ever-shifting tectonic plate of rhythm and groove that collapses under it’s own weight regularly to unearth something even more primal and heavy.

The band recently put together a new lyric video for, what is probably my favourite track on the album, ‘Human Swarm‘, which you can view below, thanks to Revolver Mag. Ready your slightly off-kilter headbanging that you do when no one is looking.


It’s probably one of the better looking lyric videos around, so it’s no a surprise to find out that Uneven Structure guitarist Igor Omodei was responsible!

However, not content with just that, the band also put together a teaser for 2014. I’ll let this one speak for itself.


– DL


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