the_kennedy_veil_trinity_cover1The Kennedy Veil

Trinity of Falsehood 

1. Ad Noctum
2. Eulogy of the Divine
3. Enslave.Defile.Erase
4. Trinity of Falsehood
5. King of Slaves
6. Seventh Circle
7. Necrotic Gospel
8. Beneath the Shroud of Atonement
9. Disciples of Dead Aeons
10. In the Ashes of Humanity
11. Perfidia

[Unique Leader Records]

“No throwbacks, no breakdowns, no wanking, no trends. Modern American Brutal Death Metal!”  This is a pretty bold statement taken straight from The Kennedy Veil’s Facebook page.  It seems that a lot of bands try to describe themselves in this sort of fashion but ultimately, most fall short, leaving listeners disappointed and/or enraged.  On the rare occasion, however, a band accurately fits their description.  The Kennedy Veil is that rare band.

Trinity of Falsehood spares no expense to bring a brutal sonic onslaught of modern death metal to the masses, with eleven tracks clocking in at a mere thirty-three minutes.  A full-length album being less than 40 minutes can sometimes be something to fuss about, but it is really not an issue for Trinity of Falsehood.  Each track has its own distinct flavor as well as an assortment of catchy hooks.  Overall, the song structure is very clean and to the point.  Every riff flows seamlessly and there are no gimmicks to be found.  Keeping songs concise and focused is a very redeeming quality found on Trinity of Falsehood.

One of the most notable aspects of Trinity of Falsehood is the speed.  No matter what direction the song is going, it seems that at least one of the instruments or vocals lines is going at lightning speed.  It is almost as if Sonic the Hedgehog was living vicariously through The Kennedy Veil.  Blast beats, tremolo picking, high-speed fills, and fast vocal lines are a blessing upon all mankind but after a while of being abused, they do feel slightly overwhelming.  This is not the case with Trinity of Falsehood.  Because The Kennedy Veil distributes which instrument is going at lightning speed throughout the tracks, the display of speed is not very overwhelming at all.  The Kennedy Veil shows a very mature approach to modern death metal for being such a young band.

As far as death metal production goes, Trinity of Falsehood is quite standard but with a bit more bass present in the mix.  It is very refreshing in any sub-genre of metal to hear the bass, especially in death metal.  The production being standard for the genre is not necessarily a bad thing in this case, either.  Everything sounds cohesive and no single instrument completely overwhelms the mix.  The Kennedy Veil has overcome the temptation of sounding like robots or midi instruments by focusing on production and song writing equally.  This mix makes it very clear that The Kennedy Veil has mastered the music that they want to share with the world and can confidently perform it in front of a crowd.

The Kennedy Veil has successfully created a solid and relentless modern death metal album with Trinity of Falsehood.  Even though the sheer amount of speed used in the album was overall very tasteful, it would be interesting to see The Kennedy Veil experiment with more “progressive” elements or slightly more dynamics in their music in the future.  KC Childers is obviously a fantastic guitarist and writer.  It would be incredible to see him let loose a bit more and possibly throw in some guitar solo sections similar to those found throughout the discography of The Faceless These things aside, Trinity of Falsehood is a pleasant listen and it has the potential to sink its hooks in any listener and bring them along for one of the fastest and most brutal rides of their lives.  The future is looking immensely bright for this already very mature death metal act.

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