Cult of Luna's Redshift Festival

Recently, I stumbled upon this high quality footage of Cult Of Luna‘s recent set at Hellfest and I’ve been using it as background sound for some coding I’ve been doing. You’d think a band that relies heavily on dense layers of instrumentation and atmosphere would shine more in the studio, but this Hellfest performance is starting to become my preferred method for listening to the band. Vertikal was great, no doubt about it, but, here live, the raw sound makes it even better.

I bring this up because it’s made me really interested in this newly announced festival in London, Beyond The Redshift, that boasts a line up featuring God SeedAmplifier and Bossk and curated by the aforementioned Cult Of Luna, all playing sets with an ‘audio-visual’ experience and concept in mind.

Now, Cult Of Luna live normally sounds great, but an entire festival curated by them with special visuals in store? Colour me excited.

The festival takes place on the 10th of May next year across three venues; the Forum, the Dome and the Boston Music Room — the full list of bands is as follows:

Cult of Luna
God Seed
Dirk Serries


– DL


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