Kennedy Veil

I think out of all the many styles and approaches to metal, ultra-sleek death metal has always been the most reliable and faithful. Whether it be the melodic approach of The Black Dahlia Murder, the slightly more left-field influences of modern day The Faceless or the traditionalism and technical sway of Cannibal Corpse — I’m not sure I could ever get bored of it, it just seems like the perfect combination. The Kennedy Veil obviously are well-studied in this art and with the impending release of their new album The Trinity Of Falsehood and the corresponding cock-tease in the form of brand new track ‘In The Ashes Of Humanity‘, Unique Leader add another name to their ever-growing roster of formidable and crushing death metal acts.


The premier comes courtesy of the good people at Metal Underground, so go say thanks!

The Trinity Of Falsehood will see a release on the 21st of January through the aforementioned Unique Leader Records. So far, we’re looking to have a pretty good induction into the coming year.

– DL

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