baby godzilla pig

Baby Godzilla seem to have a distinct knack for putting together memorable music videos. Essentially, they’re memorable, whether you want them to be or not — from the puke-filled Jägermeister binge of ‘Trogloraptor‘ or the deranged gameshow of ‘Don’t Touch That Dial‘. Now, attempting to up the ante again, merely a month or so after their previous video, ‘Pig‘ finds us watching four blokes covered in blood, wearing only their underpants and pig masks.

I’m guessing this is not safe for work, but it depends how much you hate your work mates, I guess.


Pig‘ eschews the band’s normally frantic and unstable hardcore for some straight-up noisy and fuzzy riffage and is taken from the band’s latest release, the Don’t Touch That Dial 7″. If you’re in the UK, be sure to catch the band on their current tour alongside Wounds, the remaining dates are as follows:

25th, Manchester, Sound Control 3
26th, Liverpool, Shipping Forecast
27th, Bristol, Exchange Basement
28th, Southampton, The Hobbit
29th, Bath, Moles

By all accounts, it will get quite messy.

– DL


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