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One of our favorite shoegazers Nothing have released a music video for their second song off of the bands recently released split with Whirr. The song is called, ‘Chloroform’, and the video is indeed about getting chloroformed and being taken on a ride in what appears to be an obsessive fan’s trunk. Check the video out after the jump, but make sure to look behind you before you do. You never know what could happen!

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Philadelphia shoegaze upstarts Nothing have premiered a new track (through Vogue, oddly enough) from their split 12″ with Whirr coming out on Run For Cover Records November 17th. The Track is called ‘July the Fourth’ and it is pretty damn heavy, much like the bands debut album Guilty of Everything, which I enjoyed quite a bit. Take a slow dive into the track after the jump.

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whirr poster

Despite being a shoegaze act with plenty of atmospheric qualities and a prominent “dreampop” tag on last.fm, San Francisco’s Whirr has a budding reputation as being absolutely loud on stage and fairly abrasive offstage, making them a must-see and much-hyped about act. Obviously, volume doesn’t translate through photographs, but you’re going to have to take our word for it. Whirr are loud. Maclyn Bean captured their show at The Barbary during their recent stop in Philadelphia, and you can view the photographs after the jump.

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Shoegaze act Whirr have aroused a legion of frothing-mad Pitchfork readers for daring to criticize the rag’s writer Ian Cohen for his lukewarm review of Nothing‘s debut album Guilty of Everything (we thought it was great). What followed was a series of hateful back-and-forth between Pitchfork readers and Whirr, and far be it from me to play the roll of a referee, but it looks like Whirr is winning.

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Fallujah – Nomadic



01. The Dead Sea
02. Silent
03. Venom Upon The Blade

[Unique Leader Records]

Californian death metallers Fallujah had a sleeper hit on their hands in 2011 with their debut album The Harvest Wombs, which was met with a rapidly growing fanbase and high-profile supporting gigs, both local and international. Initially compared to the likes of The Faceless and the legion of bands that followed in their wake, Fallujah’s depth of sound and wide array of influences set them apart and established the band as stand-out up-and-comers in the emerging trend of prog-influenced death metal. The band has done quite a bit of maturing over the past two years, and now their potential is already starting to become fully realized with their new three-track EP, Nomadic.

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Loma Prieta

Loma Prieta, in case you aren’t aware, are a hardcore band that mean business. Their most recent record, IV, was one of the best hardcore releases of 2012, and if you go listen to it you’ll see why. Anyway, they’ve just announced some tour dates for March and April, and to say they’re extensive would be an understatement. Go look at the dates below and see if you will be able to see these guys live, because they are absolutely insane! IV  is out now via Deathwish Inc.


Earlier this year, we attempted to get burgeoning progressive death metal group Fallujah onto the Summer Slaughter Tour and urged all of you to vote for them. Unfortunately they didn’t make it and were edged out by Cerebral Bore, but they did wind up on Slaughter Survivors tour alongside Pathology. Close enough, and them being on the poll and getting such high numbers in the first place earned the band a legion of new fans! Their debut album The Harvest Wombs became a surprise hit with us when it dropped late last year and still gets the odd spin or two. We decided to reach out to the band’s frontman Alex Hofmann to get his take on this year’s new music. His selections may surprise you!

I’m Alex, the Vocalist for Fallujah from San Francisco. 2012 was an awesome year for new records; in my own personal sense it was a great year for non-metal records. Nearly everything that really stuck with me was from alterior genres.

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