83 – Max Phelps Of Exist

In case the title wasn’t clue enough, this week we have Max Phelps of Exist, Defeated Sanity and Death to All (also ex-Cynic) as our guest! We discuss his creative process, touring with Gorguts, and of course, the upcoming Exist album So True, So Bound, which comes out this week! We also discuss new music from Origin, Bloodshot Dawn, Rings of Saturn, Vintersorg and more! We also discuss Fredrik Thordendal’s hiatus(?) from Meshuggah and Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry replacing him. Finally, we talk about how Spotify artist payments have been decreasing despite their financial growth. Enjoy!

Borknagar – Winter Thrice

Borknagar are one of the most important names in progressive black metal, to the point of being definitive of the genre. Winter Thrice is their tenth release, and with everything it is, it’s proof that they still definitely deserve that acclaim. Not only are the band noteworthy for their music alone, they…

Enslaved – RIITIIR

Nordic Prog giants Enslaved work like clockwork. Since 2004, they’ve consistently made a great album every 2 years. After 2010’s great Axioma Ethica Odini (that admittedly had some flaws, but was still great), they come back this year with RIITIIR. If you don’t know what Enslaved sound like, think Borknagar but with less synths and upbeatness and more black metal. Even though they started out their career rooted firmly in black metal, they kept pushing the boundaries of the genre until they broke through, just like the visionary Ihsahn. But after so many years of being at or near the top of the genre-pushing game, do Enslaved still have something relevant to say with RIITIIR? The short answer is: Yes, most definitely. This album is brilliant. The long answer is after the cut:

Vintersorg – Orkan

Vintersorg Orkan 01. Istid 02. Ur stjärnstoft är vi komna 03. Polarnatten 04. Myren 05. Orkan 06. Havets nåd 07. Norrskenssyner 08. Urvädersfången [07/10/12] [Napalm] Vintersorg, which is more or less the solo project of Swedish prog genius Andreas Hedlund, is definitely one of the bigger names in the progressive/blackened/folk…

Borknagar Post Video for ‘Earthling’

A couple of months ago I reviewed the new Borknagar album Urd, and I thought it was pretty rad. Featuring the brains behind Arcturus, Vintersorg and Ulver and ICS Vortex, Borknagar is in some sorts a Nordic blackened prog metal supergroup. They’ve just released a video for one of the…