163 – Bizarre Content

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast!This week, we have little content. Even less than usual. New music from After the Burial, Fractal Universe, Allegaeon, Masvidal, The Odious. Also Adam Neely on busking, the Vmbrella teaser, and cool people time with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Lancer. Enjoy!

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Cyborg Octopus – Learning To Breathe

Every year there’s this one progressive metal band that suddenly delivers this completely fresh sound and changes the perception of what the genre can do. Last year it was Native Construct, before that A Sense Of Gravity, then Persefone, 2012 had Gods of Eden, and 2011 had The Odious. These bands all have a common narrative in that they both paid great respect to the core sound that is commonly associated with the label, but they also pushed it with creative influences and blended genres into their mix seamlessly. Cyborg Octopus are poised to do the same for 2016, and their debut Learning to Breathe is a brilliant exploration of styles and songwriting that delivers on several levels.

18 – Engage The Riff Machine

Episode 18! This week we get pretty rambly and political, so warning! Opinions contained within! Including those on subjects like Kanye West, new Fallujah, new Wormed (see below), Eagles of Death Metal on gun control, Leprous’s crowdfunder, The Grammys, and Skuggsja. We also discuss the sudden passing of Riverside guitarist Piotr Grudzinski, Greg Puciato’s take on …And Justice For All, new music by The Odious and more. We finally get to talk about the techno thrash phenomenon of the early 90s, then discuss avant-garde metal, and go balls deep on Lamb of God! Enjoy!

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: The Odious Are Back With “Arbiter Of Taste”!

We’re huge fans of Portlandian progressive death metal masters The Odious here at Heavy Blog. I reviewed their debut release 5 years ago with a 5/5 score, and their first full length was also given a 5/5 by fellow writer David. When they announced their disbanding, we were devastated, but recently they announced a reunion and we were ecstatic! Now, they’re releasing a new track titled “Arbiter of Taste”, and we’re proud to be bringing it to you.

The Odious Go On Hiatus

The dreaded “H” word has claimed many a band. What starts out as an innocent break from music turns into something indefinite, and often permanent. What’s worse, is that it often strikes when you least expect it. Independent psychedelic prog band The Odious appeared to be doing better than ever,…

The Odious – Joint Ventures

The Odious are, it seems, the latest darling of the digital age. While not an ‘online band’ per se like Slice the Cake, their rise to relative recognition in the scene has been somewhat catalyzed by the metal blogosphere. It’s certainly well deserved, though, as the band released an absolute ripper of an EP in 2011’s That Night a Forest Grew, which fused elements of The Faceless and Between the Buried and Me together with hefty doses of jazz and psychedelia as well as clean vocals a la Alice in Chains. The uniqueness and talent showcased on this release garnered them quite the hype for their debut album, but now that it’s here, is it really the swansong 2012 deserves, or just the one it needs?