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Rest Among Ruins – Fugue


Mike Semesky is an obvious favorite around these parts; cool guy, workhorse of a musician, a general font of talent. Nobody can seem to get enough of him. From his time with The HAARP Machine and a one-album stint with Intervals, the current Raunchy vocalist brings forth his own passion project in Rest Among Ruins. Semesky plays a vital role, not only doing his part as a vocalist, but playing both rhythm guitar and bass. Accompanied by Ben Schmitz on lead guitar and Geoff Palmer on drums, the trio have crafted a fairly powerful 14-track melodic death metal record with the help of the inimitable Drewsif Stalin as a producer.

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Rest Among Ruins Go ‘Beyond The Storm’ In First Taste Of New Album, Fugue


Rest Among Ruins are now announcing the first “chapter” of a 14-song concept album in Fugue. “Beyond the Storm” is set to pave the way for the upcoming melodic death album, produced by Drewsift Stalin and features Mike Semesky (ex-Intervals, ex-The HAARP Machine, Raunchy) on vocals, rhythm guitar, and bass, Ben Schmitz on lead guitar, and Geoff Palmer on drums.

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Raunchy Stream Truth Taker With Mike Semesky In Tow


Raunchy are an interesting band: melding cloyingly sweet pop melodies and heavier, metalcore like riffs in two one hazy elixir, their unique sound can definitely be said to have been ahead of its time. Long before metalcore and djent woke up to the interesting fusion between more mainstream music, Raunchy and perhaps Mercenary were already utilizing the bass heavy beats of pop culture. The band has come a long way, including several line up changes, but now stand before us with a rising name in tow: Mike Semesky, of The HAARP Machine and Intervals fame. Head on over the jump to see how his voice fits in.

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John Browne of Monuments: The Heavy Blog Is Heavy Interview

john browne of monuments

Today, September 12th, 2014, Monuments embark on their first ever US headlining tour, and they’re bringing in tow progressive upstarts Polyphia as well as Villains and Lionfight. In support of the group’s recent stints touring stateside for the first time ever and the release of their celebrated sophomore album The Amanuensis, Monuments mastermind John Browne opened up about finding new vocalist Chris Barretto, the conceptual story behind The Amanuensis, and more. Photo by Maclyn Bean Photography.

The Amanuensis by no means is a victim of the sophomore slump, and in our opinion, it trumps the debut. How do you feel going into its release compared to Gnosis?

I feel a lot more confident for sure. We sat on the Gnosis material for over 2 years, we’d been playing it live with other singers and generally the overall consensus from the fans that it was past it’s time. Although saying that, I still think that album is a great debut.

How did you come into bringing Chris Barretto into the fold?

We were having problems with our old singer, personally and on stage. We never really felt his live performance was consistent enough for where we wanted to go. On a personal level none of us really moulded with him. We were on tour with The Haarp Machine — Chris Barretto was filling in for them. Every night he was killing it and quite honestly, making us look bad. After the tour the guys asked him if he’d be interested in auditioning for the band, his audition ruled and we figured that overall, even though the cost of flights is another expense, being a flawless live band should come at no expense. We hired him immediately.

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Intervals – A Voice Within

Intervals - A Voice WithinIntervals

A Voice Within

01. Ephemeral
02. Moment Marauder
03. Automaton
04. The Self Surrendered
05. Breathe
06. The Escape
07. Atlas Hour
08. Siren Sound
09. A Voice Within


Lately, there has been a lot of talk about musical metamorphoses. Alcest completed their predictable evolution as a dream-rock act and dropped all shades of their former blackened shell. Tides of Man recently went from progressive rock-influenced post-hardcore group to instrumental post-rock maestros following the departure of vocalist Tilian Pearson. The most jarring and polarizing transformation we’ve seen recently though is the one taken by Toronto-based act Intervals; after making a name for themselves as an instrumental guitar-oriented project, touring bassist and former The HAARP Machine vocalist Mike Semesky graduated to full-time singer for their full-length debut, alienating many fans along the way.

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Mike Semesky (Intervals, ex-The HAARP Machine) Covers Lorde In New Video

mike semesky lorde cover

Current Intervals and former The HAARP Machine frontman Mike Semesky has made no secret of his love of pop music. When he’s not making internet metal nerds mad for turning instrumental metal groups into non-instrumental groups, he can be seen on YouTube covering artists such as Lana Del Rey and Imogen Heap. The latest pop artist to get the Semsexy treatment is New Zealand’s Lorde in an on-point cover of ‘Tennis Court,’ below.

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Intervals Are No Longer An Instrumental Band! Mike Semesky Steps Up As Vocalist

intervals 2014

Toronto’s Intervals have garnered a growing buzz since their first EP, 2011’s The Space Between, which was recorded as a solo project from guitarist Aaron Marshall, formerly of Speak Of The Devil. Since then, the group has turned into a full touring band. Not content with just writing instrumental music, the group have angered a bunch of djent nerds by promoting bassist Mike Semesky (ex-Vestascension, ex-The HAARP Machine) to full-time vocalist. Yes, good.

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Mike Semesky (ex-The HAARP Machine) Joins Raunchy


An interesting turn of events this one. As you’ll probably know, The HAARP Machine recently underwent huge line-up changes leaving three particularly great musicians without a proper place to call home. Drummer Alex Rudinger was quickly snapped up into The Faceless and bassist Ollie Rooney decided to go it alone, just leaving vocalist Mike Semesky left as a free agent.

However, with the recent announcement that long-time vocalist Kasper Thomsen has left the band, Raunchy have quickly announced Semesky as his replacement. You can read the statement from the band after the jump.

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The HAARP Machine TEAse New Live Lineup, Featuring Chris Barretto and Nicholas Llerandi of Ever Forthright

HAARP machine teaser

By now you’re all probably aware of the fate of The HAARP Machine in recent weeks: 3/4 of the band (so basically everyone except Mu’min) left, right before a huge European tour with Born Of Osiris, After The Burial and Monuments, leaving the band, or Mu’min I should say, in quite the predicament. How could he possibly find 3 new band member in time or the tour, which is in a few weeks? Would he get people good enough to play his music? Well, we now have the answer.

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