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It’s been about a month since we peeked behind the curtains to see what the Heavy Blog staff is (really) listening to. We start our three-part update after the jump.

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Heavy Blog Week in Review

We’re still clearing the room from the wild party we threw this week at Heavy Blog is Heavy World Headquarters to mark our 9,000th Facebook Like. It’s pretty astounding that 9,000 of you motherfuckers like us and of course we like each and every one of you 9,000 times over. More numbers after the break.

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Scar Symmetry

In case you haven’t heard before, Swedish melodic death metal band Scar Symmetry are working on a triple album titled The Singularity. Yeah, they’re going to release three albums in a rather short time frame. It’s pretty crazy. They’ve released the first single from the first part of the album, titled “Limits to Infinity”, and it’s pretty cool.

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We have a trilogy of thematically-similar albums from Scar Symmetry on the horizon that have recently been announced with an adorably superfluous studio teaser and a track listing.

The first album, The Singularity (Phase I – Neohumanity) is slated for October 14th in North America and the goods can be found below the cut.

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Earlier this year, we told you that the excellent UK-based melodic death/ thrash metal band Bloodshot Dawn were launching a Kickstarter campaign to help find the recording and release of their highly anticipated sophomore album. Well, they reached their goal in a mere four days, and have since been hard at work recording what is sure to be a beast of an album. After a period of relative silence, the band has finally released details and a release date for the upcoming effort, which they revealed will be called Demons. Check out more details after the jump!

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vik with animals as leaders

Last week, the LA Times published a beautiful story wherein Cynic‘s Paul Masvidal and Sean Reinert openly discuss their sexuality, both publicly coming out as homosexuals for the first time. The online metal community took the news with overwhelming support for Masvidal and Reinert, breaking many stereotypes along the way.

Of course, even in 2014, bigotry still exists in the world, and there will be those few and far between who will say ugly things about Paul and Sean based solely on their sexuality. Last night, May 12th, guitar luthier Vik Kuletski — above center, owner of boutique custom guitar company ViK Guitars — made a poorly veiled jab at Masvidal on Facebook, and the community response points to the likelihood that Vik’s career as an up and coming luthier is more or less done, sealed by the ire of a number of high profile musicians and now former clients.

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This is the year of Gothenburg Melodic Death Metal. With At the Gates, one of the founders of the genre, announcing both an album and a tour, fans are already frothing at the lip with expectation. It now appears that more good news is coming our way: Solution .45, the guitar driven, melodic death super group, have recently announced that they will be releasing not one but two albums this year.

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Issues – Issues



01. Sad Ghost
02. Mad At Myself
03. Life of a Nine
04. The Langdon House
05. Late
06. Old Dena
07. Stingray Affliction
08. Never Lose Your Flames
09. Personality Cult
10. Tears on the Runway, Pt. 2
11. The Settlement
12. Disappear (Remember When)

[Rise Records]

The union of metal and pop music is a polarizing thought, but it is certainly not a new development. Modern metal acts such as Scar Symmetry utilize simple song structures and highly accessible melodies for a more subtle blend, but there acts that are more straightforward in their intentions. Devin Townsend Project‘s albums Addicted! and Epicloud were both praised for the smart and seamless amalgam of pop and heavy metal, even after publicly citing Nickelback as a key influence. The Dillinger Escape Plan have even dabbled in overt pop-worship for years as well.

We’ve seen proof that the style can be pulled off with finesse, should the best aspects of both genres are utilized; there’s nothing inherently wrong with using downtuned guitars to write catchy and heartfelt music with soaring vocal hooks, so long as you do it with some intelligence and creativity. Issues is one such band that openly embraces the “pop metal” tag, but ultimately fails at creating a fun or interesting listening experience on their self-titled debut.

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Scar Symmetry

Melodic death metal turned “modern metal” archetypes Scar Symmetry have announced that their upcoming album was going to be the first in a series of three in a concept trilogy called The Singularity. The first in the series, Phase I: Neohumanity, is slated to be released later this year!

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Per Nilsson Joins The Absence

The Absence 2013

Per Nilsson, lead guitar virtuoso of legendary Swedish Melodeath band Scar Symmetry, and Floridian death metal band The Absence, have made joint announcements on Facebook concerning Per joining the band. According to Mr. Nilsson, he is already hard at work writing songs with the band. From the press release:

Tampa, Florida’s The Absence has announced that guitarist Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry has joined forces with the group. The band has already begun tracking for their new EP with James Murphy and will release a single from these efforts soon; keep your eyes peeled!

According to Per:

“Six years ago the guys asked me to do a guest solo for the “Riders” album and we’ve been friends ever since. I’ve followed their career as a fan and when they reached out asking me to join the band, it was a no-brainer. I am super excited to be a part of The Absence family; we’ve been jamming out some new tunes and I feel like we’ve got some killer stuff in the works for ya! Between Patrick and me, there’s gonna be some INSANE guitar shreddin’ on the new tunes!”
– Per Nilsson

Enemy Unbound, the last album The Absence released, was well received by both the press and the community, and the addition of Per on guitars can only mean a bright future for a criminally underrated band. No word yet on what this means for Scar Symmetry or Per’s role in the band, but it’s safe to assume they’ll continue on with or without him.

- CK

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