Hey! Listen to Motorpsycho!

It feels weird, writing a Hey! Listen to This post for a band that’s been around since 1989. Saying that Motorpsycho references classic pieces of stoner and psychedelic rock would be a mistake, since they were an integral part of the continuation of that music into the 90’s. Nonetheless, it’s pretty much impossible to resist the urge for comparison. Their latest album, Here Be Monsters, was released a few short months ago and is veritably swimming in classic references. Pink Floyd, Yes, early Rush and Genesis and countless other names from the Golden Era of progressive/psychedelic rock all live side by side, creating a heady and moving elixir of emotions and nostalgia. However, this is much more than just fan service; Here Be Monsters is a complete and impressive album, spanning an impressive range of ideas and sounds. Check out “Lacuna/Sunrise” below and let’s circle back afterwards.

Haken – Affinity

Calling the past back into the present is a tricky endeavor. In music, it can often lead to the opposite of what a band intended, leaving their music derivative rather than innovative. However, for those bands who manage to skillfully reach back to bring some part of what made past…

Heavy Rewind – Brave New World

Some bands are overshadowed by the conceptions that people have garnered about them before the first note even plays. Admittedly, this is a good problem to have; it means that your success is such that your name precedes you and that you have created such fame for yourself that your very name evokes your style. However, this can also lead to ears shut fast, shying away from the conceptions that they have of what your music is and will be. Even fans can turn sour, as it becomes harder and harder to convince them to try something new. Iron Maiden suffers from this “problem” in the first degree: they are one of the most iconic and famous bands out there. Their music has an instantly recognizable style, one which has influenced countless bands and has left its mark on the metal scene forever.

Dream Theater – The Astonishing

While here at Heavy Blog we usually err on the “for its own merit” side of the album/career debate, choosing to focus on an album’s singular traits rather than its place within a band’s discography, this would be a mistake here. While The Astonishing, one of the most anticipated albums of the year, is certainly a departure from everything Dream Theater has been giving us in the past few years, it’s also a return to several key sounds from the beginning and middle period of their career.