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Steven Wilson – Hand. Cannot. Erase.


Names are powerful things, we’ve discussed this in the past. It bears repeating though in the light of the album we are now looking at: Steven Wilson‘s name is one of those which shine brightest in the skies of contemporary music. From a solo project through one of the most successful progressive acts of the past two decades, finally back to a solo project, Wilson is one of the most varied creators working today. His last album, The Raven Who Refused To Sing, was an amazingly well-made record but also touched on one of the gripes that many people have with Wilson: his slow drift into aural nostalgia that some feel is holding him back from creating new and exciting music.

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Nightingale – Retribution


We’ve talked a lot about fun, music and analysis here on the blog and we’re sure to talk about in the future as well (there’s an editorial coming, worry not). What exactly is the relationship between enjoying music, its complexity and its innovation? The question will perhaps remain forever open, but that doesn’t have to stop us from just enjoying what we enjoy, regardless of intellectual matters. This is exactly the kind of approach one should use when sitting down to listen to Nightingale‘s newest album, Retribution. There’s nothing here to innovate or complicate but it rings true with the good kind of nostalgia; the kind that takes the best out of familiar themes and works on them.

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The Contortionist – Language

the contortionist

The Contortionist are one of many bands in the progressive metal realm that just refuses to stand still. Once a band admired for their intelligent and atmospheric twist on the brutal groove of the deathcore sound that would otherwise beg for ignorant hate-mosh, they’ve since reached for the clouds and shifted towards more psychedelics a la Cynic. Intrinsic was pretty far-removed from the groundbreaking debut Exoplanet. The breakdowns that occupied so much playtime were largely eschewed in favor of post-rock and prog leanings; low-end technical riffing was traded in for jazzy chords and guitar virtuosity. Many of the instrumental sections across Intrinsic brought to mind a modernized interpretation of progressive rock bands like Rush, and it all worked in context as a separate entity apart from the band’s celebrated debut as an unavoidable stylistic evolution. Exoplanet and Intrinsic both embodied the idea of space in completely different ways. Following in step, Language continues the evolutionary journey through the stratosphere in favor of high-concept, cinematic prog.

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What Are Your Favorite Prog Albums Ever? PROG Magazine Wants YOU To Be Heard!

Prog 100

I’m sick and tired of all these “Best ____ Albums Of All Time”. They’re always voted on by staff, and never even consider the popular opinions of their readers, who mostly disagree. It’s like reading Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums list and seeing the top ten albums consist of 8 Beatles and 2 Bob Dylan albums. It’s stupid, and quite frankly keeps me from ever subscribing to their magazines. However, PROG Magazine are deciding to do something different.

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Wings Denied – Mirrors for a Prince

wings denied

The tag “progressive” is assigned loosely today, with every band that features poly-rhythms or non standard time stamps hailed as innovators. However, being “progressive” doesn’t have to necessarily lie in the complexity of your music or a wide swerve off accepted musical norms. It should instead be placed in changing the genre you work in by introducing new elements or interpreting existing norms anew. This is the core idea behind Mirrors for a PrinceWings Denied strive to graft onto a metalcore theme new ideas and structures. However, is this creation cohesive enough to convince the listener?

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A Sense of Gravity – Travail

A-Sense-of-Gravity-TravailA Sense of Gravity


01. Wraith
02. Stormborn
03. Breakthrough
04. Answers Lost
05. Trichotillomania
06. Harbinger
07. Above the Horizon
08. Ration Reality
09. Weaving Memories
10. Spectre

[Self Release]

Sometimes, you need to chase down your own name. Innovators become bogged down in their own sound, eventually becoming iterations of themselves. Sometimes, a fresh new voice is needed to break the patterns that former radicals have grown comfortable with. This is what A Sense of Gravity bring to the table. Their clean-slate name allows them to bring progressive metal something it has craved for years: organic, dynamic sound that simply flows from place to place. Travail sounds like a living thing: birthed in one sitting and obedient to its own internal laws and patterns.

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Rush Release Teaser Of New Live DVD With ‘Subdivisions

rush live

Remember Rush? The prog-kings who did everything your favourite prog-rock band does, but years ago? Yeah, you do.

They have a new live DVD out, comprising of footage from their recent Clockwork Angels tour, that apparently lasts a whopping 3 hours and features the classics and even some lesser known tracks amongst the new material. The first official look we’ve got into it is in the form of ‘Subdivisions‘ from 1982’s Signals,  see below:

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Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins & Nick Raskulinecz Cover ‘2112 – Overture‘ For Rush’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductance

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is a bit of a joke really, and that’s putting it nicely. Having ‘Rock And Roll’ in the title is a bit of misnomer when some of the latest inductees include Randy Newman, Donna Summer and Abba. Plus, what’s more rock and roll than a bunch of people sitting around and deciding who’s ‘rock and roll’ enough for their special club? Regardless, amongst the list of criminally overlooked acts, one of the most famous was Canadian prog kings Rush but 2013 was the year that they finally go the validation they needed — all those world tours and all those millions of records sold have been mere blips in their story compared to this.

Thankfully the ceremony saw the band doing what they do best and even included an amazing cover of the first section of the epic ‘2112‘ by two members of the Foo Fighters and recent Rush producer Nick Raskulinecz, complete with kimonos and garish platform shoes. Considering the fact that they were covering a band in front of thousands of their fans, wearing some pretty unsuitable garb, I’d say they did amazingly well. Check it out after the jump!

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Farewell, 2012: Alkahest’s Top 15 Albums Of 2012


So it’s Wednesday at 3:43 AM the week these year-end retrospective lists are being published and I’m scrambling to edit my fellow writers’ contributions when I’ve barely even started mine. To be honest it hasn’t even quite settled in that 2012 is just about over. As I’m writing this, there’s about a week and a half left of the year, and it puzzles me. It feels like just a couple of months ago that I was doing this exact same thing for 2011, only this time I seem to be much busier and everything looks different. The site, wordpress, and even my staff group have all changed.

We’ve picked up a number of fresh faces this year that you’ve already seen these past few days, but you may have also noticed that a couple of people from last year are no longer with us. A lot of people have come and gone over these past three and a half years that I’ve been doing this Heavy Blog thing, and most of them sort of float around and hang out when they can. The most important ones that come to mind right now are Dan (Dormition) and Chris (Disinformasiya), both of whom were very instrumental and valuable in the growth of this site, and it was sad to see them part ways with us. Without them (Chris in particular), I might have not kept this thing going this far. I love both of those guys dearly, and you can keep up with them at The Monolith, which you should bookmark if you haven’t already. Ya jerk.

Like I’ve said, this year has been busy. I don’t talk about my personal life much here despite the fact that it’s my blog, but what better time to get all personal than a year-end retrospective? As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit more of a hands-off editor and the scheduling of posts have been a bit less rigid and frequent than they used to be. I’m at the tail end of my college career and I’m currently in and out of internships which have kept me busy and often away from Heavy Blog. Between classes, internships, my “actual” job, and this website, my hands are pretty full. You (and I, for sure) can thank Evan (Juular) for his help with editing since Chris’ departure as well as Damien, Noyan, Gunnar (DeusExMachina), Cody (Tentaclesworth), Spencer (Inhumed), Anthony (Alucard), Greg (Red Bruschetta), Atif (Dr. Killjoy), David (Riptide), Ridge (Deadite), Colin (Momento Mori), and Geoff (Denisovich) for sticking with me and making sure there’s enough content each week and that this site keeps going strong. Also a strong word up to Ben Robson who took over Heavy Blog recently and decided to stick around with us behind the scenes and Chris Collins, our resident photographer. These guys are awesome, and they manage to put a smile on my face every single day.

2013 promises to be even busier with my next internship, impending graduation, and career, but hopefully that doesn’t stop this site from growing and providing daily content that helps to promote and further our favorite genre of music. Thank all of you for sticking with us!

So with all these feels out of the way, here’s what most of you care about, my albums of the year:

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Farewell, 2012: DamienTheOmen’s Top 10 Albums Of 2012


T’is that beautiful time of year again. A season of good will, understanding and compassion towards your fellow man — a time for giving, loving and appreciating. The cold may have rolled in and the trees may have shed their once vibrant foliage, but the world finds solace in the love and company of others.  It’s a time to reflect on the memories of the year and plan ahead for the next.

But most of all it’s a time to listen brutal fucking metal and drink a fuck tonne of Advocaat, because 2012 was full of great releases and now’s your chance to catch on releases you may have missed or may have never even heard of. My first draft of this list was composed of 30 albums, which then shot up to 37 when I realised that I had forgotten to include EPs. Everything from new bands that came out of nowhere to blow my mind (We Are Knuckle DraggerBloodshot DawnOddlandExotic Animal Petting Zoo etc) to the old guard continuing their brilliant legacy (GojiraAbortedNapalm DeathDeftones etc) all unfortunately fell by the wayside in the ruthless culling exercise that produced this list. And I regret cutting every single one of them, but alas, if I was talk about every album this year that was great, I’d probably lose your attention pretty quickly. Who am I kidding? You’ve most likely already skipped on to the list and you’re not even reading this bit. I could write anything I want here and no one would notice. Anything at all.

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