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relapse 25 years

CALLED IT. Vinyl nerds shall rejoice further, as Relapse Records have announced plans to expand their recent trend of re-releasing high-profile out-of-print albums from their back catalog of releases. No more scavenging eBay for a reasonably priced copy of Miss Machine!

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nasum vinyl

Vinyl nerds and grindcore enthusiasts rejoice! While we’re still waiting on the Pig Destroyer repress that was promised last year, Relapse Records haven’t just been sitting on their hands in regards to their hotly in-demand back catalog. The latest Relapse alum that the label have taken up the task of re-pressing is trailblazing Swedish grindcore act Nasum, and they’re going all out! The band’s full length discography will be made available for the first time in over 10 years, and you can secure your copies right now.

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Hope Drone are a band you may have heard of if you’ve got a taste for all things bleak and atmospheric when it comes to black metal. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia and happily adorning the ‘About’ section of their Facebook page with the phrase ‘No future but nothing’, the bands 2013 self-titled release sent out the message that while quite a few bands had turned their attention to more expansive soundscapes that black metal could offer, few were doing it as well as they were, with four tracks of dank and dark, hopelessness — one of which even ended up on our 2013 compilation.

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primitive man

Shamefully, Primitive Man have not received nearly enough attention around these parts. And I’d like to correct that. Their 2013 LP Scorn was an absolute favorite of mine. Scorn seamlessly blended the darkest and bleakest parts of doom, sludge, and hardcore into a terrifyingly potent cocktail. Their unique sound is the end of the world. A post-apocalyptic atmosphere of depression, desperation, and chaos that is nothing short of suffocating. Since releasing their LP they’ve put out three separate splits with Hexis, Hessian, & Xaphan. The Toilet Ov Hell has a short-but-sweet writeup on their previous works. View Full Article »

pyrrhon video

The insurgence of what we at Heavy Blog like to call post-death metal has made 2014 my personal highlight of the last few years of heavy music. Alongside Artificial Brain, Pyrrhon have championed this movement and now, with their debut music video, have put a face to a name for this exotic brand of extreme music. The recently released video for ‘Sleeper Agent’ is much like their debut album, Mother Of Virtues, in that it takes various elements of countless genres and blends them seamlessly into an all together visceral experience. Watch the video after the jump and fight me if you don’t agree.

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Columns – Please Explode


While it is often tempting to dig deep into a record to pick apart where the inspiration came from and what makes it unique in its own right, sometimes it is necessary to simply press play and enjoy the ride. Please Explode, the debut album from Columns, is best enjoyed by doing just that. 16 tracks later and a wry smile is spread across the face of anyone willing to give this lethal dose of grind the time of day. Members of Wretched, Vehemence and Hemdale have thrown their hat into the ring with an album full of grind party classics.

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The enigmatic female-fronted post-black metal act Myrkur is back at the plate this week with a new track from her upcoming Relapse Records self-titled debut. The track, ‘Latvian Fegurð’, is in the same vein as the previously released ‘Nattens Barn, — a refreshingly feminine take on the post-black metal sound, complete with an angelic choral vocal style that provides some much-needed idiosyncrasy. Check out the stream below.

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Image: The Obelisk

Relapse Records is happy to announce that Valkyrie, featuring Jake Adams and Pete Adams of Baroness and Samhain, will be on their label alongside acts like Tombs and Iron Reagan.

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remission cover

Relapse Records have been on a roll lately with Mastodon‘s back catalog, reissuing Leviathan on multiple attractive colors, and the band’s debut Remission is now being given a lavish treatment with a deluxe vinyl box set in both Oxblood (limited to 1500) and Black & Gold merge (limited to 500). The deluxe sets also come with a book featuring 24 pages of lyrics and unreleased artwork from Paul Romano. The cover art has been enhanced, featuring the remission horse in custom uv gloss. Check out the image below but make sure your jaw doesn’t hit the table too hard.

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Serpentine Path – Emanations

serpentine path

“The power of the riff compels you.” With technical metal and polished production the modus operandi of heavy music today, it is more than refreshing to receive something in the mailbox that could not be any further from the norm. Serpentine Paths’ sophomore album Emanations is 44 minutes of doom that brings with it an essence of evil not heard since the days of burnt churches and murdered band mates. Harrowing stuff for any fan of diabolical metal, regardless of its shortcomings. View Full Article »

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