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PHOTOS: Hope Drone, We Lost the Sea, Lizzard Wizzard, Fvck Mountain —July 31st, 2015 @ Crowbar, AUS

Hope Drone Australian Tour 2015

Hope Drone’s Cloak of Ash is without doubt one of the most enthralling albums I have heard this year. Its flawless production coupled with the band’s instrumental mastery allows the listener to be completely immersed in the bleak, desolate mental environment this record brings forth. Having anxiously looked forward to this record’s release show for some time, I was absolutely blown away by the innate collective musicianship portrayed on the night.

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Bask In The “Futility” Of A New Primitive Man Song

primitive man futility

Relapse doom/sludge titans Primitive Man blew my mind with their most recent EP. Home Is Where The Hatred Is was every bit as crushing as it was devoid of melody or “real music”, if you were to ask a bystander. Since the band appealed to fans for help in funding the purchase of a new touring vehicle, they have now decided to lavish us with a brand new track, “Futility“. Never heard before and definitely not a happy song, you can get the stream over the jump. If you like your doom depressing and your sludge as dank as can be, you’re in for a morose ride.

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Squeegee Clean Your Third Eye And Join Ecstatic Vision On An “Astral Plane”


While A Life Once Lost may no longer be a thing (I’m nearly over their breakup, nearly), guitarist Doug Sabolick is keeping the jams flowing with his new musical endeavor Ecstatic Vision. The thick, belching riffs and sandpaper rough vocals are no longer his forté however, as evidenced on “Astral Plane”. The newest track to be released from the upcoming Relapse release, Sonic Praise, is a twelve minute dive into psychedelic, bleary eyed shaman song. Sit back, clear your mind and get on over the metaphysical jump to enjoy this hearty dose of hallucinogenic harmony.

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Skinless – Only The Ruthless Remain

Skinless - Only the Ruthless Remain - review

Nearly a decade after releasing their last full length, Skinless are back with seven tracks of death metal that don’t suck. After such a long delay between releases,  a band could be forgiven for trying to emulate what is hot in the death metal world right now; not the case here. Skinless have neglected to shoe themselves in with the cool kids, instead relying on what made them so popular a decade ago. Only The Ruthless Remain is ruthless indeed, and has the band playing some ferocious, undeniably oppressive death metal. Where they lose their way a touch is in their reliance on certain crutches, musically speaking.

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Maruta – Remain Dystopian


Maruta‘s third full length, and first with Relapse, will be the benchmark for upcoming bands in the venomous subgenre that is deathgrind. The progenitors of this group of acts in Cattle Decapitation and Cephalic Carnage have their own unique sound and are instantly recognizable from the rest of the herd; the banshee screams of Travis Ryan and whirling sax solos that fleet in and out of Cephalic’s later work can not be found elsewhere. Maruta have come a ways since their 2008 debut and, in doing so, have carved out the tightest of nichés in a genre that is both despised and adored.

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More Pyrrhon For “The Mass”es Leaves Us Knocked On Our Asses

Pyrrhon - Growth Without End

I absolutely love Pyrrhon. Mother Of Virtues was my stand out album of the year at final count and the fact that they are putting out more music so soon is the bee’s knees. We’ve already heard one track from Growth Without End and it’s a face melter. No surprise but “The Mass” is also capable of rendering skin to soup and bone to dust. Hurry up over the jump to check it out, via No Clean Singing. Why haven’t you done this already?

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Maruta Drop Seizure-Inducing Video For “Hope Smasher”


First things first: This video should probably have an epilepsy warning. You have been warned.

The maniacal grindings of Florida-based Maruta have already been reported by us with the release of hit single “Hope Smasher” last month. The band have now released the official video for this track and it is every bit as bonkers as the track itself. Get over the jump but again, you have been warned.

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Skinless Finally Release Official ‘Serpenticide’ Audio


After more than eight years and some live footage, Skinless have flayed their fingers down to the bone to give us, the grateful (ha!) metal community, the official release of ‘Serpenticide‘. This is the first track to be released from their soon to be spun Relapse record Only The Ruthless Remain and fans of the band need not worry; this is Skinless at their very best, playing death metal with a gusto that only the best can muster. Listen to the track after the jump and prepare to lose a layer or two.

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Maruta Get Negative With ‘Hope Smasher’


Death/grind/deathgrind heavyweights Maruta are prepping to drop an unhealthily heavy batch of tracks in less than two months, but we have a taster for you right now. ‘Hope Smasher’ comes hot off the heels of ‘Stand In Defeat’, with both tracks featuring on the upcoming Relapse release Remain Dystopian. Maruta are no strangers to Heavy Blog and to say that quite a few of us are eager in anticipation of this record would be selling it short. Head on over the jump to check the new song and get hyped with us party people.

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Relapse Get Down To The Grind; Sign Magrudergrind


Not happy enough with their roster already — a roster that this year has already released some great records with several more to follow even this week! Relapse Records have just announced the signing of power grinders Magrudergrind. The Washington natives, now based out of Brooklyn, have already wrapped up recording their first full length in over five years and, if you weren’t wet enough already, Mr Kurt Ballou (Converge) is again the one responsible for the knobs and dials before Mr Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer) takes over to master. For more about the record and some examples of what we can be prepared for, check the jump.

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