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Columns – Please Explode


While it is often tempting to dig deep into a record to pick apart where the inspiration came from and what makes it unique in its own right, sometimes it is necessary to simply press play and enjoy the ride. Please Explode, the debut album from Columns, is best enjoyed by doing just that. 16 tracks later and a wry smile is spread across the face of anyone willing to give this lethal dose of grind the time of day. Members of Wretched, Vehemence and Hemdale have thrown their hat into the ring with an album full of grind party classics.

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The enigmatic female-fronted post-black metal act Myrkur is back at the plate this week with a new track from her upcoming Relapse Records self-titled debut. The track, ‘Latvian Fegurð’, is in the same vein as the previously released ‘Nattens Barn, — a refreshingly feminine take on the post-black metal sound, complete with an angelic choral vocal style that provides some much-needed idiosyncrasy. Check out the stream below.

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Image: The Obelisk

Relapse Records is happy to announce that Valkyrie, featuring Jake Adams and Pete Adams of Baroness and Samhain, will be on their label alongside acts like Tombs and Iron Reagan.

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remission cover

Relapse Records have been on a roll lately with Mastodon‘s back catalog, reissuing Leviathan on multiple attractive colors, and the band’s debut Remission is now being given a lavish treatment with a deluxe vinyl box set in both Oxblood (limited to 1500) and Black & Gold merge (limited to 500). The deluxe sets also come with a book featuring 24 pages of lyrics and unreleased artwork from Paul Romano. The cover art has been enhanced, featuring the remission horse in custom uv gloss. Check out the image below but make sure your jaw doesn’t hit the table too hard.

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Serpentine Path – Emanations

serpentine path

“The power of the riff compels you.” With technical metal and polished production the modus operandi of heavy music today, it is more than refreshing to receive something in the mailbox that could not be any further from the norm. Serpentine Paths’ sophomore album Emanations is 44 minutes of doom that brings with it an essence of evil not heard since the days of burnt churches and murdered band mates. Harrowing stuff for any fan of diabolical metal, regardless of its shortcomings. View Full Article »

revocation metal blade

Well here’s a surprise! Revocation, long time alumni at Relapse Records, have moved on, announcing that they have signed with Metal Blade Records.

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the drip

Recent Relapse signees The Drip have come through with a substantial offering of grisly grindcore by the name of A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics. Our friends at American Aftermath have secured a full stream of the EP, and it is gnarly. If you’re in the market for grind a la Nasum and Rotten Sound, then The Drip should treat you quite nicely.

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Pyrrhon – The Mother Of Virtues

pyrrhon mother of virtues

The first quarter of 2014 has borne witness to numerous jaw-dropping, Kleenex requiring albums and it is with great mirth that The Mother Of Virtues can be added to this list. Phantasmagoric and foreboding in their delivery, Pyrrhon have constructed a blood-curdling goliath of a record. Though it comes in at an ADHD unfriendly 54 minutes, this album should come with a statute requiring it to be listened to numerous times. It is simply too much to comprehend without them. View Full Article »


Pop-sludge extraordinaires Torche seems like the kind of band that should have already found a happy home at leading underground label Relapse Records, but apparently that wasn’t the case until now. As the band put finishing touches on the follow-up to 2012′s celebrated Harmonicraft — which was released by skateboard and clothing company Volcom Entertainment — they’ve announced that they have signed a deal with the label for a summer release.

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YOB relapse reissue

Relapse Records has come to be one of my all-time favorite record labels, but I always did wish that they would repress much of their back catalog to vinyl. Lately, they’ve made quite the effort to do just that: Mastodon‘s Leviathan was quietly added to the Relapse webstore in a beautiful sunburst LP (since sold out!) while a big deal was rightfully made about Call of The Mastodon (blue/gold merge has since sold out!). Zombi‘s (entire?) discography got a re-release, and we know that Pig Destroyer‘s Prowler In The Yard is in the works. Now, Yob‘s 2003 doom metal classic Catharsis (originally released on Abstract Sounds) is the latest record getting that same treatment in a limited vinyl re-release.

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