The Afterimage – Eve

We all know bands that have difficult roads to their first full-length albums. Sometimes the journey is so difficult that you only see a smattering of singles and EPs materialize. There can be a long period of silence before you see the saddening, “It’s been a great run” social media…

Djent Was A Genre Full Of Great Debuts And Little Else

Djent had an explosive entrance into the world of heavy music, around the start of the decade. It was a truly exciting occurrence, with first-wave acts like Periphery, Animals As Leaders and Cloudkicker filtering the technically-driven progressive sound of acts like Meshuggah, Sikth, and those of the budding “Sumeriancore” movement, into something  altogether more accessible, while still retaining much of their forebears’ technical and progressive edge. Yet, like most new sub-genres, djent quickly devolved into pastiche and gave way to over saturation—perhaps a little bit quicker than most. Djent, it seems, has had a propperly ballistic trajectory, and—in 2017—as its momentum trails off, it’s hard to get excited about this once-promising phenomenon.

Erra – Augment

Writing a follow up to what some would consider one of the best metalcore releases ever is no small task. Keeping things fresh in certain genres is becoming harder and harder with an ever-growing pool of bands, but Alabama-based Erra have managed. Augment, couldn’t be more aptly titled—every element of the band’s sound has been refined to near perfection. The already excellent guitar work is taken to another level with more solos crafted with utmost attention and phrasing achieve what many bands stumble. Both clean and harsh vocals sound better than ever, with the cleans sounding more comfortably performed and the harsh parts cutting like a chainsaw.

Hey, Listen To Erra!

So here’s a cool story: I stumbled upon Erra a couple of months ago, and I’ve been digging their debut album Andromeda ever since. The band are based in Birmingham, AL and they play progressive metalcore in the same vein as Elitist. They are currently on tour with Divide The…