Hey! Listen to Fossils!

Fossils are a Denmark-based duo that does instrumental sludge in a new way—that is, without the use of guitars. The band’s members—Simon Tornby and Per Silkjaer—only play bass and drums, respectively. Although their latest EP, The Meating, utilizes vocals, their two albums The Meat Rush and Flesh Hammer do not; instead, they fill the track with some of the most pummeling, earth-shaking, head-snapping riffs and pounding drums ever recorded. Each song the track plays is short and sweet—usually around two minutes—but doesn’t forget to groove like you wouldn’t believe.

Pomegranate Tiger – Boundless

With a significant reduction in personnel, Pomegranate Tiger returns as a (mostly) one-man project nearly three years after 2013’s Entities [review]. What four members were previously doing has been shouldered by multi-instrumentalist and project mastermind Martin Andres, having written and recorded the entirety of the new album, Boundless. Entities succeeded…