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Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s Guide To The 2015 Festival Season!

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If you’re in the northern hemisphere like most of you who read this site, then you’re no doubt enjoying the benefits of natural seasonal changes as the nightmare that was winter 2015 has given way to a beautiful spring. And if you’re in the southern hemisphere — particularly if you’re in Australia, as many of our readers are — you’re almost certainly feeling the relief of more tolerable temperatures as your summer has given way to fall and is quickly approaching winter. Either way, all over the world we’re entering the magical time of year known as Festival Season. Many of the biggest and best bands in the world (and leagues of smaller ones as well) are preparing to set out for various tours and huge outdoor festivals that will attract thousands upon thousands of individuals. The global festival circuit has become so huge and varied though that it can be nearly impossible to know where even to start if you’re looking to travel to one.

We’re here to help! Obviously there are far too many metal festivals around the world for us to provide anywhere near a comprehensive list, but we asked our staff to highlight a few festivals on 3 continents — North America, Europe, and Australia (apologies to the rest of the world as we only have so many staff members from different places). Check them all out below!

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Sumac – The Deal


Anytime Aaron Turner’s name is attached to a musical endeavor, underground metal fans pay attention. The founder and mastermind of the prolific post-metal band Isis is also the man behind one of metal’s most prolific record labels, Hydra Head Records, whose lineup was ripe with bands and artists who were at the cusp of creative brilliance, even being coined “thinking man’s metal” by Turner himself. However, all good things must come to an end, and as we all know, Isis announced their disbandment in 2010, and two short years later, Turner pulled the plug on Hydra Head Records and ceased putting out new releases.

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Stream Sumac’s Crushing Debut Album, ‘The Deal’, in its Entirety


After whetting our appetites with ‘Blight’s End Angel,’ we’ve been eagerly anticipating the debut album from Sumac, a sludge metal supergroup of sorts featuring Aaron Turner (ISIS, Old Man Gloom), Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists) and Brian Cook (Russian Circles, Botch) in their ranks. Lucky for us, with less than a week until its release, Sumac are streaming The Deal in its entirety.

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Experience the Crushing Bliss that is Sumac (Isis, Baptists, Russian Circles)


Shame on us for not posting about Sumac earlier, because this band needs to be on your radar. Sumac was started by Aaron Turner of Isis and Old Man Gloom fame along with (insane) Baptists drummer Nick Yacyshyn and bassist Brian Cook of Russian Circles and Botch out of a desire to create really heavy music once more, and if ‘Blight’s End Angel’ is any indication, I’d say they’ve succeeded. Check it out after the jump.

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Insane Festival Alert – Psycho California Announced for Mid-May


The bill for third installment of Psycho California (previously known as Psycho de Mayo) has been announced, and includes a incredible roster containing some of the biggest names in underground metal. The festival will take place at the Observatory in Santa Ana, CA from May 15 – 17. Head for the jump for a full list of the bands that have been announced thus far, where to purchase tickets and other pertinent information about the festival.

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Piss Vortex – Piss Vortex



Grind, sludge and noise rock are three genres that do actually tend to describe the musical content of the bands they encompass. Piss Vortex, with their self titled debut album, find the point where these three meet and proceed to urinate all over the boundaries of each. Piss Vortex is 25 minutes of lo-fi, unashamedly filthy music that fans of Nails, Pyrrhon and Today Is The Day could quite happily put differences aside to sit down and enjoy. Something wicked this way comes, all the way from Denmark.

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OMG! New Old Man Gloom Song (And An Interview To Boot!)

Very few “supergroups” are equal to the sum of their parts. The anticipation and hype surrounding the individual members coming together more often than not leads to disappointment when, unsurprisingly, not everyone is thrilled with the results. Then there is Old Man Gloom – for many, the only one of these groups who are consistent in producing earth shattering music that somehow takes everything and nothing from each members discography. This year sees the band release The Ape Of God and you can check ‘Predators’, one of the new tracks, after the jump!

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Old Man Gloom Release New Track, ‘The Lash’

Old Man Gloom. If that name doesn’t do something to you then you’re doing something wrong. The decorated band are looking to cement their comeback with their upcoming release, The Ape of God. Following on the heels of the amazing and powerful No, this release needs to deliver something truly extraordinary to prove to us that this band still has momentum for more than a one time resurgence. Now, we have our first taste of what the band is set to deliver in the form of ‘The Lash’. Head on over the jump to give it a listen.

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Old Man Gloom Announce ‘The Ape Of God’

Nate Newton, Caleb Scofield and Aaron Turner’s post/sludge metal band Old Man Gloom are poised to release the follow up to their atmospheric and crushing 2012 release, NO, titled The Ape of God. The album will be released this November on CD via Profound Lore records, with Sige Records handling the pressing of vinyl copies. Check out more details after the jump!

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