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Farewell, 2012: Nayon’s Top 15 Albums of 2012


Let’s celebrate with champagne

Because it’s that time of the year again

When everyone gives each other gifts

And makes end of the year lists

2012 was a great year

Many albums I did revere

But only a few I must choose

Now before more rhymes I abuse

Let’s get to the favorite albums

So take this list into your cerebellums

(Yes, I know that the cerebellum doesn’t do that, shut up!)

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Top 5 You May Have Missed… So Far

For whatever the reason may be, whenever I get round to making my end of year list, it seems the entirety of it is built up of well-established, well-known acts and the whole thing reads like a list of the most anticipated releases of the year. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, I guess I’m drawn to the more refined and streamlined releases of a band who have found their sound and know how to utilise it. But when my taste is so predictable, it destroys the main point of these lists — to shine light on those elusive releases that blew up without anyone noticing. So in lieu of the standard records that I’m sure most people are enjoying (Meshuggah, High On Fire, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death… the list goes on and on), here are 5 records that don’t seem to be getting the attention they deserve and you might not have picked up on yet. But I promise you, they’re worth your time.

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In his review of Finnish quartet Oddland‘s debut album The Treachery Of Senses, Noyan said, “The Treachery of Senses is an enjoyable and refreshing joyride of progressive metal that will hopefully establish Oddland as a force to be reckoned with.” Truly, this band fits right in with this wave of Scandinavian prog a la Leprous, Ihsahn, Enslaved, Borknagar, and the like. This incredibly talented band has tons of promise, and has so far delivered.

With that in mind, we’re proud to debut the band’s first official music video, ‘In The Eyes Of The Mourning.‘ The track is one of the album’s slower songs, and the video does the band name justice for being, you know, odd. Here’s what frontman Sakari Ojanen had to say about the video:

“We feel that the video turned out to be an extension of our music: it might be a lot to take in at first view, but I think you can definitely find more layers and little cool details unfold with more views. The mood of the video is melancholy as well as slightly weird and twisted to create that ODDLAND-feel and we think it works perfectly with the song. The video gives a nice representation of what the song is about: Grievance, losing someone meaningful and losing yourself, and the lengths our psyche and will go to in order to keep everything in balance. Shooting the video throughout the night was not a picnic, let me say, but the atmosphere was very cool. The dark forest was lighted with spotlights, and our protagonist – the clown – was performing various peculiar acts. It was a cool experience; you can imagine the atmosphere was quite unique and surreal. Navigating all the equipment deep into the dark forest and out was also an ‘adventure’ in itself ;)

“The shoot was a wild one as we did almost everything in 12 hours. We started at 8pm and the last people left with eyes wide open at 8am. This was the first video for ODDLAND, so it was totally clear to me how I wanted to introduce the band. Dark forest works as a metaphor for where they come from. Our northern country is rooted in darkness and the profound energy of nature. I also wanted to capture the emotion of the song, as well as open a window to a subconscious side of the human mind.”

You can watch the video above. Oddland’s The Treachery of Senses is now available on iTunes via Century Media Records!

– JR

Oddland – The Treachery of Senses


The Treachery Of Senses

01. Above And Beyond
02. Flooding Light
03. In The Eyes Of The Mournuing
04. Aisle of Array
05. Past The Gates
06. Still The Spirit Stays
07. In Endless Endeavor
08. Sewers
09. Lines Of Silver Blood
10. Ire

[Century Media]

Someone has to popularize the term Nordic Progressive Metal. With bands like Leprous, Ihsahn, Shining, Enslaved, Vintersorg, ICS Vortex and Borknagar, there’s clearly something brewing up there in the northern regions of Europe. Cue Oddland, a Finnish quartet who won a national metal competition to get signed on Century Media. And they definitely fit in line with the mentioned bands as a force to be reckoned with in Progressive Metal. Imagine the groovy undertones of Gojira, Meshuggah and Lamb of God employed in a Leprous-like flamboyant progressive fashion. Imagine vocals that sound like Daniel Gildenlow of Pain of Salvation. And odd mix, is it not? Well, that’s what Oddland sounds like. Their debut album The Treachery of Senses is an enjoyable and refreshing joyride of progressive metal that will hopefully establish Oddland as a force to be reckoned with.

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HBIH Premiere: Stream Oddland’s New Single ‘Flooding Light’

I discovered Oddland completely by coincidence. I’m really glad that it happened, because they are one hell of a promising band. The Finnish progressive metal act will be releasing their debut album The Treachery of Senses on April 30th in Europe and May 08th in North America (digital only) on Century Media Records, and we’re happy to be able to bring you an exclusive look at their new single, ‘Flooding Light!’ You can stream the track below:



To be honest, The Treachery of Senses is heading quite swiftly to my list of most anticipated albums of the year. I really like Oddland’s sound, as they’re reminiscent of Disillusion (especially in the excellent vocal work), with touches of Pain of Salvation and a hint of Gojira. Don’t let these comparisons prejudice you though, because they have a very unique sound that is very refreshing and awesome. You can hear their previously released track ‘Above and Beyondat this location if you missed it and would like to hear more.

You can check out the album’s tracklist after the jump. Like Oddland on Facebook and mark your calendars, because The Treachery of Senses seems like it will be amazing.

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Hey! Listen to Oddland!

When this video popped in my feed from Century Media, I assumed Oddland were a power metal band, like a lot of other bands that pop up in the Century Youtube channel. I decided to give it a go, because it was a band that I had never heard of before. And I was very pleasantly surprised. Turns out that Oddland are a progressive metal band from Finland. Their debut album The Treachery of Senses, which will be out on Century on April 30th (EU) or May 8th (US) is where this song is from. It’s called ‘Above and Beyond’. Here you go:

This sounds pretty awesome! It reminds me of Pain of Salvation, but with old Meshuggah style of rhythmic sections. The voice of singer/guitarist Sakari Ojanen is what carries most of the song, but the instrumentation is very catchy and groovy too. If this is the direction the entire album will go in, I’m sold!

P.S: For the funnies, when I asked editor Disinformasiya what he thought of the song, he said: “I call it blarghargharghargh.” Presumably he was just being British and drunk, like he always is.

– NT