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Stream The New Harm’s Way Album Right God Damn Now

Just last week, Harm’s Way dropped a really cool video for ‘Amongst The Rust’, the second track to be released from their forthcoming LP Rust. The album drops on the 10th of this month but you don’t have to wait ’til then to get your holes invaded by this landing party of metallic hardcore merchants. It is definitely not what I was expecting for sure but more about that after. Listen to the full stream of Rust after the jump.

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Nachtmystium Channel Ministry With New Track ‘As Made

Nachtmystium have a habit of mixing things up when you least expect it — their transformation from traditional, earthy black metal to a blackened sound more at home in the vast emptiness of space is well documented. Both of the Black Meddle collection were well panned and praised by large sections of the metal community, meaning they succeeded in doing what a lot of groups fail to do in this day and age — get people’s attention. So instead, new track ‘As Made‘ finds the band taking a hard left turn down into the grisly industrial world of Ministry through the use of a robotic rhythm section and extensive electronic effects, it’s not known whether the band will continue this sound as it will be released as a two track EP alongside a cover of a Joy Division track but I certainly wouldn’t mind hearing them take this route in the future. The ever knowledgeable Invisible Oranges has the stream, so check it out!


– DL

Prong Release Details Of New Album ‘Carved Into Stone

Prong - Carved Into Stone

Prong are a great band that I feel don’t really get their dues. With a career stretching all the way back to 1986 that saw them move from hardcore punk to a more industrial rock sound in the vein of Ministry or Nine Inch Nails, Prong could easily be considered one the earliest influences on nu-metal but they seem to have fallen out of favour despite 2007’s brilliant return to form Power Of The Damager.

Hopefully with the announcement of Carved Into Stone this may change. Come April 24th, Long Branch Records will release the new Prong album to the world and while the artwork isn’t much to look at, I’ve got high hopes after the industrial awesome that was contained in their previous effort. For those of you that haven’t heard any, I strongly urge you to check them out and if you can get past the fact that the video for ‘Power Of The Damager only exists in a 240p standard then click below!

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Ministry – Relapse



01. Ghouldiggers
02. Double Tap
03. Freefall
04. Kleptocracy
05. United Forced
06. 99 Percenters
07. Relapse
08. Weekend Warrior
09. Get Up Get Out n’ Vote
10. Blodlust
11. Relapse Defibrillator Mix


[AFM/13th Planet Records]

Ministry have been around for quite a while now, and have seen some big stylistic changes through their career. They started out as a synthpop/new wave band during the early 1980’s. Their second release took a turn towards dark EBM. It wasn’t until the release of 1988’s The Land of Rape and Honey that their found their niche that they continue to play to this day.

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From The Archive: Ministry – Psalm 69

From The Archive

The discovery of a new band is always exciting. Will it be something you’ve heard countless times? An experience that leaves a bad taste in your mouth? Or is it a treat from which you cannot stop consuming? I wanted to take a trip back in time to reminisce about bands/albums that not only introduced me to heavy music, but kept me coming back for more…

From The Archive: Ministry – Psalm 69

Ministry - Psalm 69

Some might be surprised at finding out that Ministry once started out as a New Wave band and not the Industrial Rock/Metal band that there more well known for. And the only reason I can think of that is, either fans didn’t take the time to look at the bands back catalogue of albums, or that they began to gain more notice after the release of their 1988 album, The Land of Rape and Honey, which saw the band incorporating more speed and grittiness to their sound. This was a new Ministry, and their sound kept evolving with each new release, and one album in particular I believe is the highlight of the career. The album that was their breakthrough into the metal realm, 1992’s Psalm 69

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