Dance Gavin Dance – Mothership

There are are a handful of bands that somehow always manage to top their previous output with their latest output. These rare beasts push onward and upward with their new material without compromising a core-familiarity that’s been woven throughout their music since the start. With each album release it’s becoming apparent that Dance Gavin Dance are a part of this laudable group. After their last album Instant Gratification, Dance Gavin Dance could have gone anywhere and it more than likely would have been well received. luckily they chose to go above and beyond and release one of the best albums of their entire career, Mothership.

Dance Gavin Dance – Instant Gratification

Dance Gavin Dance¬†are not a band that can be easily put into a particular box or category. They rode in on the wave of new school post-hardcore bands, but have undeniably shown that they have far more longevity than those bands they arrived with.¬†Going through various vocalists and lineup changes…