Hey! Listen To Lesser Life!

It really looks like there’s a lot of great new material coming out of the humid haze of North Carolina lately, this time in the form of some savage deathgrind. If you like your songs short and sweet but ultimately oppressive and nihilistic, then you’ve got it right here with Lesser Life, a savage quartet who have just released another excellent and concise EP. Bone Deep & Numbing takes a lot more influence from brutal death metal than their earlier (and more blackened) releases, and there’s even some sludgier moments to help break things up too. While Lesser Life doesn’t really want to commit to any particular style of extreme metal, they’re unquestionably dedicated to putting out whatever’s the most intense possible idea at the time.

Geryon – The Wound and the Bow

Before pressing play on The Wound and the Bow, there are a couple of key points to highlight concerning Geryon’s lineup. The duo falls somewhere between a supergroup and side project, as Nicholas McMaster (bass/vocals) and Lev Weinstein (drums) comprise Krallice’s rhythm section and can claim membership and collaboration with a plethora of other bands, including…

Krallice Blazes Into 2016 With New Old EP, Hyperion

Venerable avant-garde black metal innovators Krallice have started the new year with a bang, releasing a three track EP entitled Hyperion on their Bandcamp page. Consisting of material recorded in 2013 and previously only available in CD-R format during live appearances, Hyperion’s digital release makes the material available to wide audiences for the first time.

EXTENDED Plays v. Long(ish) Plays – Why AOTY Lists Should Include Both Formats

When I sat down to begin mapping out my Top Fifty Albums of 2015 list via a detailed excel ranking spreadsheet (nerd-alert, I know), two thoughts came to mind. The first should come as no surprise: 2015 was an absolutely spectacular year for music. Whereas I had no problem pairing down my list…

Panopticon – Autumn Eternal

Like good science, sometimes good music comes from the simple question of “what would happen if we mixed this… with this?” The results can be absolutely spectacular when the sparks fly. Just take a look at some of the incredible results of this process: An Autumn For Crippled Children’s 2013…