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Some of you may remember that earlier in the week, we briefly ran a story regarding the recent cancellation of a yet to be announced tour of Australia by The Ocean in January of next year, and the online shit fight that ensued between the band and Robert MacManus, a well known Australian tour promoter.  Following our publication of the story, it was brought to my attention that despite appearances, MacManus was not actually involved with promoting this particular tour, and thus we pulled the story in order to dig a bit deeper into this intriguing drama.

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It’s no secret that I am a fan of things that go slow, deep and somber. This year is already turning out to be a fantastic one for these kind of sounds, what with Thou releasing their masterpiece, Heathen. However, I can never quite get enough of the emotional peaks and lows that post metal and doom supply. Therefore, I was quite happy to discover Raum Kingdom. These Irish boys certainly deliver on the promise created by their rune covered, blackened album cover. Get a taste for yourself, right after the jump.

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boris vanilla

You know, despite being a synonym for “plain” or “bland,” vanilla is actually one of the most complex and expensive spices around. Why does this matter? Well, Boris‘ new single ‘Vanilla‘ mirrors the spice’s actual qualities, and is not your typical flair-less doom rock. Get a load of the eccentric Japanese rockers’ new music video after the jump.

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isis panopticon

A few months ago, Isis announced that the next remaster from their back catalog would be the critically acclaimed Panopticon. Hailed as one of the best post metal records and an important work in the formation of the genre, Panopticon exhibits at their most secure and solidified. To be sure, excitement followed on the heels of the announcement with a rather long wait ahead.

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Telepathy – 12 Areas


Instrumental music is a rising voice in the modern metal scene. There were always ensembles that created such music but with recent releases like Animals as Leaders and Conquering Dystopia, 2014 is already set to be a great year for instrumental metal. Into the broil we can now add Telepathy with their intelligent and emotionally taxing 12 Areas. Telepathy bring a unique sound to the instrumental arena: instead of focusing on technically extravagant passages, they turn instead to overbearing, post-metal sensibilities. 12 Areas is a dark and somber creation, channeling influences from Isis and other post-metal ilk.

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The Mire – Glass Cathedrals

the mire glass cathedralsThe Mire

Glass Cathedrals

01. Penance
02. False Idol
03. Trance Monolith
04. Triple Gemini
05. Dark Sun
06. Glass Cathedrals
07. Embers
08. Pale Heart
09. Black Waltz
10. Stone Devils

[Self Released]

Post-metal and sludge as we know it are generally associated with meandering and complicated song structures, ever evolving in tone and atmosphere with little in the way with repeating segments. That was until 2009, when Brighton, UK based group The Mire — who were born out of the brief dissolution of Bossk — took the genre’s melancholic atmosphere and massive riffs and made them work in the context of condensed pop-inspired song structures and vocal hooks with their EP Volume I, beating The Ocean‘s 2010 game-changer Heliocentric to the punch. 4-minute tracks with cleanly-sung refrains were nearly unheard of in the genre, and to no surprise, the formula works; The Mire strive to bring emotion, soul, and immediacy into a genre that has all the potential to be deeply resonant with not just the mind, but the heart as well.

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isis panopticon

Isis‘ monumental 2004 album Panopticon has aged fairly well, but with it nearing its 10 year anniversary, I’m sure it’s difficult for the powers that be to let such an influential record pass by the decade mark without doing something special. That’s why Ipecac Recordings will be reissuing the album with a glossy remaster this April. Fret not though, the dynamic won’t be lost, and it’s got the now defunct band’s seal of approval.

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Twilight IIITwilight

III: Beneath Trident’s Tomb


01. Lungs
02. Oh Wretched Son
03. Swarming Funeral Mass
04. Seek No Shelter Fevered Ones
05. A Flood Of Eyes
06. Below Lights

[Century Media Records]

The ever-revolving door of black metal supergroup Twilight has made it an incredibly interesting project to follow. Over the years and the course of three albums, members of some pretty formidable bands have come and gone, including Xasthur Nachtmystium, and Isis to name but a few. So, naturally, the final chapter in their blackened tome comes complete with a new line-up, this time boasting members of The Atlas MothLeviathan and Sonic Youth(!?). That’s all well and good in terms of pedigree, but how does the music match up to the promise?

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Junius – Days of the Fallen Sun

junius days of the fallen sunJunius

Days of the Fallen Sun

01. (Meditations)
02. The Time of Perfect Virtue
03. (Shamanic Rituals)
04. A Day Dark with Night
05. (The Purge)
06. Battle In the Sky
07. (Nothingness)
08. Forgiving the Cleansing Meteor

[Prosthetic Records]

There is usually an inverse relation between energy and longevity. Some bands burn bright and turn to a crisp in the process and end up rehashing their original releases. Some bands need time to take off, preferring a long culmination of style that might be hard to keep track with. The rare bands, those we’ll take with us into the rest of our lives, are those that can produce intense emotion and keep their pace at the same time. Junius are quickly turning out to be of the latter, rarer breed. Their fifth EP, alongside two full albums, is nothing short of a near perfect creation. It knows when to be harsh, when to be epic, and when to be still.

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