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Absu – Abzu



01. Earth Ripper
02. Circles Of The Oath
03. Abraxus Connexus
04. Skrying In The Spirit Vision
05. Ontologically, It Became Time And Space
06. A Song For Ea

[Candlelight Records]

Slayer‘s Reign In Blood  can be basically defined by two main features:

  • The huge impact it had on the thrash scene at the time. It became a classic simply by outdoing everyone in terms of speed and extremity and, by extension, led us deeper into the dank and inhuman world of extreme metal that we live in today.
  • THAT scream at the beginning of “Angel Of Death” — A sound so widely recognized that it can turn mass groups of metalheads into ‘SLAYYYYARGH’-shouting howler monkeys at even a mere mention; a sound so distinct that it has graced parody videos ranging from a father’s lament to a deranged rooster and a sound that ushers in half an hour of punk-infused thrash metal.

Strangely enough, Abzu starts much the same way with “Earth Ripper” – a soaring King Diamond-esque scream set against racing breakneck thrash.

However, Absu‘s sound isn’t as ‘old school’ as that comparison would have you believe, with a career spanning nearly twenty years and a fairly lax attitude to releasing new material, it seems they’ve seen it all and rather than simply resting on their laurels they make the effort to incorporate ideas that would be as at home in 1986 as they would be 2011. Their particular brand of blackened thrash is nothing short of all-encompassing, mixing the relentless assault of bands like Slayer and Bathory with a nod towards the more tech leanings of Coroner and Voivod whilst still maintaining a sleek and sharp modern veneer.

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Impiety – Worshippers Of The Seventh Tyranny


Worshippers Of The Seventh Tyranny

01. Worshippers Of The Seventh Tyranny

[Agonia Records]

Of all the bands in the world to announce that their next album would be one long 40 minute track, I never suspected Impiety. For those who are unaware of Impiety, they are a Singaporean band who play blackened thrash in the same sort of vein as Blasphemy, Morbosidad and Infernal War, sometimes falling in the realm of all those bestial NEKRO NUKLEAR KVLT TERROR bands but siding more with early Celtic Frost. It’s probably the best reference point, vocalist and sole original member Shyaithan invokes the gruff snarl of To Mega Therion era Tom G. Warrior and the whole song reeks of a very ambitious Hellhammer.

The idea of one continuous track is not a new one but it is one I feel that hasn’t been properly explored yet, take for example Pig Destroyer‘s Natasha. It’s an amazing exercise in stretching what is acceptable for a grind band and while it’s not uncommon for grind bands to flirt with doom, it felt new and exciting at the time. Worshippers Of The Seventh Tyranny takes on the idea in a new way, while there are lulls in the intensity of the record, it’s all relative and the record maintains a steady pace throughout. There is little of the throw away ‘funeral doom riffing’ that seems to plague other attempts at crafting longer songs, but what doom there is sounds more like a huge tribute to a sleazy Black Sabbath rather than the note-a-minute world of Ahab.

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