165 – Djestures

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! Eden is finally back, but this time I’m derailing. We talk about new music from Dreadnaught, Inanimate Existence, Babymetal, Warforged, Xenobiotic, Flub, and Destrage. Then we talk about the Threatin lawsuit, Mayhem signing with Century Media, and Demons & Wizards coming back. Also some philosophy, cool people time with Detective Pikachu, Chernobyl, Charles Stross’s Laundry files, Hannu Rajaniemi’s Summerland and Re:publica. Enjoy!

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE – Flub Feels Line Inhaling “Wild Smoke”

Technical death metal project Flub has always been one to watch. Featuring members of Vale of Pnath and Rivers of Nihil, they’ve certainly got the credentials, but there’s more to making good music than having been in other good bands. Indeed, Flub’s 2014 EP Advent showed that they can blend an upbeat vibe and progressive elements into a technical sound to create their own niche. Now, they’re back with “Wild Smoke” and an upcoming full length album to blow you away.

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Raiju Mixes Darks Themes with Happy Prog

The success of Ghost B.C. has shown there’s a metal audience for music that isn’t particularly heavy if it’s surrounded by dark words and themes. A California prog band that embraces darkness in happy music that you might want to check out after the break. San Francisco Bay Area-based Raiju…

Bispora: There Will Be a Phase II

One of the great disappointments of the last year was the news that immediately after releasing the brilliant The Pineal Chronicles Phase I: Furtherance, Sacramento’s Bispora had split up and the world might never experience Phase II. Happier news after the jump. In case you missed this record which was…