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Alright, 2015 is fully here so it’s time for our favorite type of post. Heavy Blog is all about music and introducing you guys to new stuff is what we live for, especially if we’re talking about small bands you might not have heard of otherwise. The Great Machine is just that, as these sludge/hardcore aficionados hail from my native country of Israel. Head on over the jump for your first taste!

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Aside from a festival appearance or two, England’s leading doom/sludge metal act Electric Wizard haven’t been around the United States much for the past decade. Now with a few more albums under their belt, a dedicated cult following of younger fans, and one of the most consistent albums of their career having just been released in September, it’s time to die by their hand with a full tour. Yes, that horrible pun was intended.

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In 2009, my life changed irrevocably as me and three other good friends headed for Hellfest and then Graspop. It was my initiation into the international metal community and my first time in a large, European festival. The sheer number of bands I discovered that year is astronomical: Clutch, Electric Wizard, The Black Dahlia Murder and Down to name a few. I also so some bigger names perform live and had a thoroughly good time. Hellfest has a great location, great facilities and an all around endearing attitude. There have been some voices over the past few years claiming that the festival has since multiplied and has lost a lot of its charm. I don’t know about that. I do know about lineups. Head on over the jump to witness the majesty for yourself.

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twir-915One record overshadows all others when it comes to this week’s new releases but it was hardly the only album we reviewed in the middle week of September. This Week in Reviews after the jump.

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Electric Wizard – Time To Die

electric wizard

When we speak of general phenomena in a certain genre and community, we tend to forget that behind our ideas or trends lie individual bands. All of these have their own contexts and motivations for creating their albums and these often lead them to fall outside of the mean. Even if that doesn’t fit our models or wishes, we should take a good, hard look at them and ask: “what exactly isn’t working here?”. This is the case with Electric Wizard’s newest release, Time to Die. With brilliant releases this year by other doom/stoner bands, like Pallbearer, Yob and Earth, the expectations were set high for this release. However, it sadly doesn’t fit our story of a “Doom Revival”. It falls short of the epic canvases set by these other bands and, indeed, by Electric Wizard themselves.

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Electric Wizard are somewhat legendary, holding the title as one of the most pronounced and committed bands in the smoke entrenched verse of doom and stoner. After five years of absence, we’re slowly heading towards a new release. We’ve already had a few tastes of what we can expect and it’s definitely been good ol’ Electric Wizard. However, we’re in for a different kind of treat. The new track, ‘SadioWitch’ is a bit faster and displays a different side to the upcoming album. Check it out after the jump, via Pitchfork.

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Electric Wizard

Between you and me, you already know what to expect here. Electric Wizard have been on their sludge-drenched path for a long time now and if there’s one band you can rely on to be steady and constant, it’s these guys. However, this is bigger than that. I’ve been fan of this insane bunch for a long time now and something here feels different. Maybe everything is just turned to 11, maybe the vocals sound even more tortured and central than ever before. Maybe I’ll have to wait for the full release to put my finger on it, but this track is absolutely outstanding . Check it out for yourself right here.

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The Contortionist Language

It’s been a while since we heard from stoner-priests Electric Wizard. Undoubtedly one of the heaviest and most smoke shrouded bands out there, they have been regularly pumping out titles that blow and bend the mind. In fact, this latest pause is the longest in their career, spanning four years. However, it seems as if our wait is now at an end, as the band have announced an album title and artwork for the upcoming release. Check it  out in full right here, along with some tour dates, courtesy of Metal Hammer.

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Festivals are not everyone’s cup of tea. From sleeping in a tent to often shoddy sound, conditions sometimes get in the way of the shows themselves. However, festivals can also be a great opportunity to discover new music, as a large concentration of bands and too much time on your hands lead to exploration. I first heard Electric Wizard at Hellfest 2009 and fell in love with Clutch at the same festival. Recently, I had the great pleasure of travelling to Download Festival (also known as Donington Festival, as Vincent Cavanagh from Anathema vehemently reminded the crowd). To kick open the festivities, I went to listen to a band I hadn’t heard of before: IAMFIRE. Check out what blasted from the amps on that fateful day, below.

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Serpentine Path – Emanations

serpentine path

“The power of the riff compels you.” With technical metal and polished production the modus operandi of heavy music today, it is more than refreshing to receive something in the mailbox that could not be any further from the norm. Serpentine Paths’ sophomore album Emanations is 44 minutes of doom that brings with it an essence of evil not heard since the days of burnt churches and murdered band mates. Harrowing stuff for any fan of diabolical metal, regardless of its shortcomings. View Full Article »

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