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Electric Wizard are somewhat legendary, holding the title as one of the most pronounced and committed bands in the smoke entrenched verse of doom and stoner. After five years of absence, we’re slowly heading towards a new release. We’ve already had a few tastes of what we can expect and it’s definitely been good ol’ Electric Wizard. However, we’re in for a different kind of treat. The new track, ‘SadioWitch’ is a bit faster and displays a different side to the upcoming album. Check it out after the jump, via Pitchfork.

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Electric Wizard

Between you and me, you already know what to expect here. Electric Wizard have been on their sludge-drenched path for a long time now and if there’s one band you can rely on to be steady and constant, it’s these guys. However, this is bigger than that. I’ve been fan of this insane bunch for a long time now and something here feels different. Maybe everything is just turned to 11, maybe the vocals sound even more tortured and central than ever before. Maybe I’ll have to wait for the full release to put my finger on it, but this track is absolutely outstanding . Check it out for yourself right here.

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The Contortionist Language

It’s been a while since we heard from stoner-priests Electric Wizard. Undoubtedly one of the heaviest and most smoke shrouded bands out there, they have been regularly pumping out titles that blow and bend the mind. In fact, this latest pause is the longest in their career, spanning four years. However, it seems as if our wait is now at an end, as the band have announced an album title and artwork for the upcoming release. Check it  out in full right here, along with some tour dates, courtesy of Metal Hammer.

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Festivals are not everyone’s cup of tea. From sleeping in a tent to often shoddy sound, conditions sometimes get in the way of the shows themselves. However, festivals can also be a great opportunity to discover new music, as a large concentration of bands and too much time on your hands lead to exploration. I first heard Electric Wizard at Hellfest 2009 and fell in love with Clutch at the same festival. Recently, I had the great pleasure of travelling to Download Festival (also known as Donington Festival, as Vincent Cavanagh from Anathema vehemently reminded the crowd). To kick open the festivities, I went to listen to a band I hadn’t heard of before: IAMFIRE. Check out what blasted from the amps on that fateful day, below.

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Serpentine Path – Emanations

serpentine path

“The power of the riff compels you.” With technical metal and polished production the modus operandi of heavy music today, it is more than refreshing to receive something in the mailbox that could not be any further from the norm. Serpentine Paths’ sophomore album Emanations is 44 minutes of doom that brings with it an essence of evil not heard since the days of burnt churches and murdered band mates. Harrowing stuff for any fan of diabolical metal, regardless of its shortcomings. View Full Article »

Indian – From All Purity

Indian - From All PurityIndian

From All Purity

01. Rape
02. Directional
03. The Impetus Bleeds
04. Rhetoric of No
05. Clarity
06. Disambiguation

[Relapse Records]

First impressions are a hell of a thing. If you acted on them alone, you begin to make judgement calls pre-determined by classifications and stereotypes we’ve encountered in the past. I went into 2014 having never heard of Chicago’s Indian, whose new fifth record From All Purity is among the first to be released this year by Relapse Records, one of my all-time favorite labels. Going in blind, it would appear that From All Purity is being marketed as doom metal with the artistic aesthetic to match. The group’s Facebook describes the band as “Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound” and lists the likes of Hank Sr., Waylon Jennings, Van Zandt, and Lynyrd Skynyrd as artists the band admires. Of course, the first thing you’re going to expect — out of a band named Indian, no less — is a band like Red Fang or one of the many bands following in the footsteps of Electric Wizard. Fatal mistake; From All Purity, as it turns out, is one of the most pissed-off black metal-influenced releases I’ve heard in some time. Oops.

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2013 is done and over with, and you’ve all seen our many year-end lists by now. However, musical discovery never truly ends with a new calendar, and even a blog with ~20 members on staff can have blind spots. As we find albums in the depths of 2013 we missed out on the first time around, we’ll make good on correcting our oversight. After all, just because an album came out months ago doesn’t mean it isn’t worth talking about anymore!

Not long after I finished my own year-end list, I started catching up on the lists from other metal sites around the net. Along the way, I picked up on the perplexing Salt Lake City based Subrosa, a band that writes epic-length post-metal/sludge jams with stoned out vocal harmonies and sonic experimentations that put the band on a whole other level.

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Windhand - Soma

I’m not too involved in the world of stoner doom to call Windhand‘s Soma the stoned out album of the year thus far, but I’d wager to bet that its quality will hit fans of the genre hard, and have enough of a presence to draw in us sober metalheads who still love those slow burning Sabbath riffs. Overall, Windhand are your typical stoner band, but their execution and way of creating hooks puts them up there with Electric Wizard.

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Demon Lung – The Hundredth Name

demon-lung-the-hundredth-name-coverDemon Lung

The Hundredth Name

01. Binding Of The Witch
02. Devil’s Wind
03. Eyes Of Zamiel
04. A Decade Twice Over A Day
05. Heathen Child
06. Hex Mark
07. Hallowed Ground
08. Incantation (The Hundredth Name)

[Candlelight Records]

It’s near impossible to be a metalhead and not have at least some sort of appreciation for doom metal. After all, the very birth of this grandiose music we’ve all come to know and love can be traced back to February of 1970, when Black Sabbath released their self-titled debut and completely changed the game forever. It’s been argued that every riff written since then was copied from Black Sabbath mastermind Tony Iommi, and while this is probably not true, Black Sabbath’s influence on heavy metal cannot be overstated. Now, doom metal seems to be in a revival state of sorts, and included in this revival is the sudden population of the genre with female fronted bands. Witch MountainChristian Mistress, and Castle have all released impressive albums within the past couple of years, and it’s safe to add yet another band to this ever-growing list of female-fronted doom bands: Las Vegas, Nevada’s own Demon Lung.

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Moss – Horrible Night


Horrible Night

01. Horrible Nights
02. The Bleeding Years
03. Dark Lady
04. Dreams From The Depths
05. The Coral Of Chaos
06. I Saw Them That Night

[Rise Above/Metal Blade]

When you’ve hit the subterranean rock bottom of funeral doom, where notes hold for tens of seconds and cymbals are left to shimmer until the very last sound drains away, where else is there to go in terms of sheer oppressive heaviness? Moss seem to have been left with this conundrum following the release of the widely praised Sub Templum a good five years ago. Since then the band have dabbled with smaller releases, wryly entitled EPs despite their extensive running time, but never quite found thier new direction or even matched the hopeless drone of Sub TemplumHorrible Night  is the new beginning that the band have been aiming for — a sleazy back-alley crawl down Sabbath road and onto Electric Wizard lane.

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