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Rammstein Entering Studio This Year To Record New Album

Rammstein 2015

Some bands from my childhood I have outgrown or maybe go back to once in a blue moon. Rammstein are one of the latter. When I need something epic and crushing, Mutter is a go to album for obvious reasons. The Germans look to be heading into the studio this year to begin the recording process for the much awaited follow up to 2009’s Liebe ist für alle da. The “shock” rockers have a global following that most bands can only dream of, so this news should put some filthy smiles on some heavily made up faces. Get over the jump to find out what we know so far.

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Jazz Rock Supergroup The Aristocrats Announce New Album and DVD

The Aristocrats - Tres Caballeros

The Aristocrats are the kind of super group geared almost exclusively towards serious musicians. An exceptionally talented trio, the collaboration of guitarist Guthrie Govan (AsiaSteven Wilson), bassist Bryan Beller (DethklokSteve VaiJoe Satriani) and drummer Marco Minnemann (Steven WilsonJoe Satriani) has produced two albums of delightful jazz fusion and progressive tinged, instrumental rock. Their third album Tres Caballeros and an accompanying documentary film have recently been announced, and a trailer for both may be viewed after the jump:

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Pentakill – Smite and Ignite


It’s so often that a “virtual band” can be quickly dismissed as a gimmick or a fad. “Cartoon characters can’t be musicians,” some would mutter under their breath, relegated to their old-thinking ways that only touring musicians can be considered “true artists” or some such nonsense. With the onset of the digital age, however, we saw the rise of people collaborating across states and over seas to create music, with some musical projects coming to life that may otherwise never have happened. 1998 saw the rise of virtual creation Gorillaz, led by songwriter Damon Albarn and animator Jamie Hewlett, to much adoration outside of Blur‘s normal fanbase.

Enter Dethklok years later in 2006, who continue to be a cultural force, producing four albums worth of music spearheaded by animator and guitarist Brendon Small. With success in the animated medium, Small was able to enlist the abilities of legendary drummer Gene Hoglan (ex-Death, ex-Strapping Young Lad, ex-Dark Angel…you get the idea), Michael Keneally, the “leading progressive rock genius of the post-Zappa era,” and Bryan Beller, whose bass-oriented associations are as numerous as they are excellent. Rather strange how such a ridiculous concept, a fictional band, can draw even the most talented musicians in order to manifest as a live, touring act, right?

Now, we come to Pentakill, a fictional band created from the heart of Riot Games. That’s right, the very same team that made free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena League of Legends not only put together an all-digital band comprised of champions within the universe (namely, Karthus, Mordekaiser, Sona, Yorik, and Olaf), but the band actually exists within the context of the game’s universe (each of these characters have a unique skin to represent their affiliation!).

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Stream Metalocalypse’s The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera

metalocalypse the doomstar requiem

When Metalocalypse first came out around 2006, I thought it was the best thing ever. I was just getting into melodic death metal at the time, and the coalescence of my budding musical taste and that style of humor Adult Swim had been known for was just perfect. Before the idea of a real-world Dethklok album even came up, I would download rips of the songs from each week’s episodes from a fan page on MySpace. It was a good time.

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Ephel Duath Tease New Album ‘Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness

ephel duath teaser

It’s been a good while since I indulged in the weird progressive world of Italian metallers Ephel Duath. The project isn’t the most prolific but when they do deliver, it’s always worth listening to — speaking of which, the group have announced the details of an upcoming new album entitled Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness. The record is set for a November 19th release in Europe and November 26th the other side of the pond through Agonia Recordsand has a teaser video already, which you can view below:

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Brendon Small’s Galaktikon To Make Live Debut At Wesfest 8


Brendon Small, the accomplished cartoonist and creator of Home Movies, Metalocalypse, and the melodic death metal band that sprung from the latter show, Dethklok, will perform music from his latest musical project, Galaktikon, at this years WesFest 8: A Concert To Benefit The Wes Wehmiller Endowed Scholarship At Berklee College Of Music in West Hollywood, California. The event is an annual charity show in honor of the late Wes Wehmiller, a Berklee graduate, and accomplished bassist who died of thyroid cancer in 2005. The scholarship is awarded yearly to a continuing student at Berklee.

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Dethklok – Dethalbum III


Dethalbum III

01. I Ejaculate Fire
02. Crush the Industry
03. Andromeda
04. The Galaxy
05. Starved
06. Killstardo Abominate
07. Ghostqueen
08. Impeach God
09. Biological Warfare
10. Skyhunter
11. The Hammer
12. Rejoin

[Williams Street Records]

Another Dethklok offering “born of evil in a fiery volcano,” Dethalbum III is the latest album spawned by the hit animated show Metalocalypse, which first aired in 2006. Spearheaded by the multitalented Brendon Small (one of the three actual personnel behind the music), the series is centered around a hilariously idiotic and narcissistic death metal five-piece band called Dethklok and all their debaucherous antics. While making seasons three and four, Small was clearly focusing harder on the musical aspect of the show more than ever, as Dethalbum III, a collection of music resulting from these two seasons, illustrates. It sounds more like the product of a “real” band. But does that mean it’s really better?

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Dethklok Premiere ‘The Galaxy’ Music Video

Everyone’s favorite cartoon metal band is back! With The Dethalbum III on the horizon, it was only a matter of time before we got another single from the 5-piece, and sure enough they have done it with ‘The Galaxy’. Personally, I like this better than their last single. It’s catchy, heavy, and just overflowing with awesome. I’ve seen them live twice and their shows never disappoint, and I can’t wait to see them again and hear this song be played live!

The Dethalbum III is out October 16th on Williams Street Records.


Speaking Of Dethklok, Their New Video For ‘I Ejaculate Fire’ Is Nuts

I swear, that wasn’t some hamfisted pun; the new Dethklok video is actually nuts in that it is over the top and completely absurd in the way you’d imagine a video from a cartoon death metal band with a song like ‘I Ejaculate Fire’ to be. So I guess everything’s par for the course, then?


I don’t know what I was expecting. The video undeniably rules, though. I mean, look at it.

‘I Ejaculate Fire’ is the opening track for Dethklok’s upcoming Dethalbum III, which is due out October 16th on Williams Street Records.

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Dethklok, Machine Head, All That Remains, and The Black Dahlia Murder Tour A Go!

It wasn’t too long ago when rumors started floating around regarding the upcoming Dethklok tour, and now it’s been confirmed. Dethklok will be hitting the road this Fall with Machine Head, All That Remains, and The Black Dahlia Murder. Machine Head and All That Remains will have a rotating direct support slot, but if All That Remains’ set is heavy on the new material, then my colleague Evan is right in saying it’s probably worth skipping. I hate to be a negative nancy, but… you know.

Here are the dates:

10/30 Norfolk, VA – Norva
10/31 Philadelphia, PA – Electric Factory
11/02 Silver Spring, MD – Fillmore
11/03 New York, NY – Roseland Ballroom
11/04 Worcester, MA – Palladium
11/05 Montreal, QC – Metropolis
11/07 Toronto, ON – Sound Academy
11/08 Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE
11/09 Columbus, OH – LC Pavilion
11/10 Detroit, MI – Fillmore
11/11 Grand Rapids, MI – Orbit Room
11/13 Fargo, ND – The Venue
11/14 Minneapolis, MN – Myth
11/15 Milwaukee, WI – Rave / Eagles Club
11/16 Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
11/17 Kansas City, MO – Midland
11/18 St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
11/20 Denver, Co – Fillmore
11/21 Salt Lake City, UT – Great Salt Air
11/23 Seattle, WA – Showbox SODO
11/24 Portland, OR – Roseland Theater
11/26 Oakland, CA – Fox Theater
11/27 Hollywood, CA – Palladium
11/28 Phoenix, AZ – Marquee
11/30 Dallas, TX – House Of Blues
12/01 Austin, TX – Stubbs
12/02 Houston, TX House of Blues
12/04 Orlando, FL – House Of Blues
12/06 Chattanooga, TN – Track 29
12/07 Charlotte, NC – Fillmore
12/08 Atlanta, GA – Tabernacle

Thankfully, the tour is extensive and hits across the States. Make it out if you can!

– JR