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Just last week, Harm’s Way dropped a really cool video for ‘Amongst The Rust’, the second track to be released from their forthcoming LP Rust. The album drops on the 10th of this month but you don’t have to wait ’til then to get your holes invaded by this landing party of metallic hardcore merchants. It is definitely not what I was expecting for sure but more about that after. Listen to the full stream of Rust after the jump. View Full Article »


Fans of terrifyingly stacked frontmen and/or crushing hardcore take note; there is a new Harm’s Way video. The Chicago powerhouses are set to release their new album, Rust, through Deathwish on March 10th but before that you have to watch their new video for ‘Amongst The Rust’. It is definitely not what I expected before watching. For starters, frontman Hammers McPligue has a shirt on! Unreal, I know. Get the video after the jump as always people.

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harms way rust

New Year. New Harm’s Way. What a great first post of 2015 for yours truly. The Chicago hardcore unit will be releasing a full length, the functionally titled Rust, through the ever present and always lauded Deathwish Inc. You didn’t think this year was going to be any less aggressive did you? Get more info after the jump.

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Okay, I seem to be monopolizing the Converge and Deathwish related posts here on Heavy Blog (wait for the Code Orange review by Ryan coming shortly!) but I am always going to jump at the chance to share anything to do with this lovely, lovely band. The band recently released an isolated version of the majority of the drum tracks from their 2006 masterpiece You Fail Me. If you are a musician or someone who simply cannot get enough of the hardcore acts unique brand of ferocity then this is something you need to hear. Get it after the hop, skip and jump.

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Not a week after prolific hardcore label A389 Recordings dropped a behemoth of a mixtape on our undeserving heads, Deathwish Inc. are at it now with a summer sampler of their own! The brainchild of Tre Watson and the most revered front man of Heavy Blog favorites Converge, Deathwish has been putting out exemplary hardcore and avant-garde releases for more than a decade now. You can’t throw an extended range guitar at our year end lists without hitting a Deathwish album! This 20 track sampler is full of label favorites and a few that you might have missed if you haven’t been paying attention. Well, pay attention. View Full Article »

wovenhand - refractory obdurate

Trading in meditative and experimental bluesy folk for fuzzy post-punk is a bit of a stark exchange to see in a band, but it’s one that makes some sense given that it’s been hinted at for years. Wovenhand‘s new album Refractory Obdurate promises to be an electrified bombastic rock record packed with hazy atmospheres and upbeat punk rhythms.

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The hype for Cult Leader, basically Gaza without ex-member John Parkin, has been building for a while now. At the final days of last year, the group signed with Deathwish Inc and announced that their first EP will be blasting its way into our lobes in April. The track that came with this announcement was absolutely devastating, dispelling any doubts and firmly cementing Cult Leader’s name as one of the most expected releases this year. Sludge, punk and hardcore mix in a brutal cacophony that is sure to set your teeth grinding.

Today, the gears in Cult Leader’s hype machine screeched even higher. The band announced that they will be playing numerous dates throughout the US in support of their upcoming EP. Not only that, but they’ll be backed by the massive Yautja. If you’re unaware of these beasts, make sure to check out their corrosive mix of fuzzy riffs and grind mentality. Long story short, this show will break you apart and restructure you in a shape most horrible. Be sure to check out the dates and make it to see what is certain to be one of this year’s most brutal releases.

Tour dates and tunes behind the cut.

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doomriders grand blood

While we all sit trying to find new ways of killing time between Converge releases we are at least being treated with a new spin from Nate Newtons’ Doomriders, the newest release under Jacob Bannons’ Deathwish Inc. banner. Grand Blood is currently streaming over at Pitchfork and while not quite the whole way through yet I am happy to report that anyone who enjoyed the aural battering that was 2009s Darkness Come Alive should definitely appreciate this newest effort.

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touche amore is survived by

Post-Hardcore frontrunners Toucha Amore‘s third album Is Survived By has been on m most anticipated list since January. After hearing one single already, the band have unveiled a new live, pro-shot video for the song ‘DNA‘, live audio included. And it rules hard. Check it out below!

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Oathbreaker – Eros|Anteros

oathbreaker erosOathbreaker


01. (Beeltenis)
02. No Rest For The Weary
03. Upheaval
04. As I Look Into the Abyss
05. The Abyss Looks Into Me
06. Condor Tongue
07. Offer Aan De Leegte
08. Agartha
09. Nomads
10. Clair Obscur

[Deathwish Inc.]

Oathbreaker are a young Belgian hardcore band you’ve probably never heard of. This quartet of young musicians only recently entered the hardcore scene, and already they’re starting to make a name for themselves. With their new record Eros|Anteros, the band explore the extent of their potential, and get pretty damn close to achieving it all with one album.

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