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Okay, so the departure of Arthur Von Nagel from Cormorant was a huge bummer, but that doesn’t mean the world has to stop spinning. Earth Diver, the group’s latest record and the first with replacement bassist/vocalist Marcus Luscombe, is now spinning exclusively at MetalSucks, and judging by the comments, we’re looking at a hit.

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It’s been about two years since founding Cormorant member Arthur von Nagel’s departure from the band, and I’m still not quite over it. Surely the impending release Earth Diver will heal these wounds, but it’s hard to not miss such an integral part of such a beloved band. While the band are carrying on, Arthur has been busy building life anew as a Quality Assurance Tester and Localization Specialist at Telltale Games, creators of the celebrated The Walking Dead game.

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It’s easy to say that we miss our friend Arthur Von Nagel as the frontman/bassist of San Francisco-based Cormorant, but we’d be remiss if we weren’t optimistic about the new 8-track endeavor, Earth Diver, now featuring Marcus Luscombe in Von Nagel’s place.

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cormorant 2013

We’ve already given you a heads up that Cormorant have taken the crowdsource route for their upcoming album Earth Diver. Since then, they’ve met their goal with a fairly comfortable amount of time left — 65 hours as of this writing — and secured the release of their first album without former frontman/bassist Arthur Von Nagel, who left the band to pursue a career in video games.

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cormorant 2013

The internet metal community is in love with Cormorant. Whether it be because of the open line of communication, spirit of independence, or simply because the music is that great (it is), the hype is always great when the band becomes active. The group’s last album Dwellings was a masterpiece of folk/black metal inspired prog, so naturally hopes are high for the band’s upcoming third release. The only caveat in sight is the loss of frontman and bassist Arthur von Nagel, who left to pursue a career in video games. You may have seen his work in the award-winning The Walking Dead game from Telltale Games. Excellent choice for a career path indeed, but he will be greatly missed as Cormorant’s mouthpiece.

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Sad news, everyone. Frontman of the internet’s favorite Tiberian Ass Bastard Folk band (it’s a thing by now, surely!) Cormorant is currently without founding member and all-around swell guy Arthur von Nagel (above center). His personality as frontman and poetic lyrics are part of what made Cormorant so great, so while it is a huge bummer that he’s stepping out of the band, it’s easy to see why he had to make such a tough decision. Leaving one childhood dream job for another, he has left the band to focus on his career in video games, most recently working at Telltale Games on The Walking Dead series.

Below are statements from Arthur and the rest of Cormorant, via Brave Words:

Arthur: “It is with great deference and gratitude to our fans and supporters that I announce my departure from Cormorant. After the overwhelming reception for Dwellings and national tours with longtime personal heroes, I feel fortunate to end this chapter of my life on a high note. Nick, Brennan, and Matt will continue to write and perform as Cormorant with my full support. The albums we created together were very personal to all of us, and I know the music they are composing now is of the same passion and honesty. I cherish our time working together, and I wish them the best.

I am taking a break from music to pursue my career in video games—another lifelong passion. Since May of this year, I have been at Telltale Games, hard at work on The Walking Dead episodic adventure series. Contributing to the game’s development has afforded me artistic fulfillment I never thought possible professionally. Thanks to the many colleagues I count as friends and projects I care deeply about, I look forward to going to work every morning for the first time in my life.

I have nothing but the most sincere thanks to our fans. You are incredible. From the Lebanese diehard metalhead who smuggled his contraband Metazoa CD in from Saudi Arabia, to the gentleman of indigenous Australian descent who wrote to tell us how profoundly “The First Man” had affected him, knowing that we’ve forged a connection with people through our music is the most gratifying. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to perform for our fans across the US this year. Meeting you all in person was a true pleasure. I only regret that a worldwide tour wasn’t possible!

I’d like to thank the sound engineers and producers who made us sound our best, the publicists and journalists who wrote so beautifully about us, the visual artists who brought our music to life, the promoters who included us on such wonderful bills, and the bands with whom we shared the stage. While I have always taken great pride in Cormorant’s independence, so much of the band’s success is owed to your support. I look forward to attending future Cormorant shows from the other side of the stage.” – Arthur von Nagel, November 2012

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Alcest – Les Voyages De L’Âme


Les Voyages De L’Âme

01. Autre Temps
02. Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles
03. Les Voyages De L’Âme
04. Nous Sommes L’Emeraude
05. Beings of Light
06. Faiseurs De Mondes
07. Havens
08. Summer’s Glory

[Prophecy Productions]

Ah yes, Alcest; the main project of the influential progenitor of the niche post-black/blackgaze genre Neige. Alcest’s 2010 album Écailles de Lune brought the man’s body of work and the genre to my attention, and it was my very first experience with something that was both blackened and beautiful. As with any musical innovation, many more bands have sprouted from the influence of Neige’s work in pushing black metal into a more ethereal and transcendent realm with previous bands like Amesoeurs and Peste Noire and the current works of Lantlos and Alcest, but Alcest’s latest album Les Voyages De L’Âme is a firm reminder of why he’s at the forefront of the genre.

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[If you don't remember the name, it's okay! We'd like to re-introduce former co-editor and occasional contributor of the trve and grim Mitch "Dethcaek" West as he counts down his top 20 albums of 2011, a list that is more unique than any other list you'll read on the site. Enjoy obscure doom, death, and black metal? This list is for you! - JR]

This sure was a year for new releases. I mean, some stuff came out. Wow! Modern technology sure is crazy. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the quality of doom released this year but I’m also sure a lot passed me by. I skipped out on honorable mentions to give a more strict and focused post containing the best of the best. As the odd man out on this site as far as taste goes, get ready for a thrill ride of stuff you won’t enjoy!

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Cormorant – Dwellings



01. The First Man
02. Funambulist
03. Confusion of Tongues
04. Junta
05. The Purest Land
06. A Howling Dust
07. Unearthly Dreamings


With winter approaching and the end of the year in sight, new releases are beginning to slow to crawl with only a few significant releases yet to see the light of day before the calender turns. This could be due to a number of reasons from holiday downtime to fewer available resources, but the infamously DIY Bay Area blackened progressive metal band Cormorant‘s late entry for the year will no doubt benefit them, as their sophomore album Dwellings will no doubt go down as the last great album of 2011.

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Everyone’s favorite Tiberian Ass-Bastard Folk Metal band Cormorant are poised to release what is the last great album of the year next week, December 6th. However, as is the norm these days, they’re streaming their new album ahead of its release over at the apparently very metal friendly NPR. If you like your prog rooted in more traditional metal styles as well as touches of death and black, then you need to hit this up pronto.

- JR

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