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DOWNLOAD: Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume Two


Last year, we unveiled our very first compilation album, appropriately titled Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume One. This year, we decided to keep in tradition of reaching out to artists we know and love (that you may have missed out on!) and bring the gift of free music to our readers once again this Christmas.

Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume Two is more ambitious than its predecessor, sporting 25 tracks spanning a selection of grind, hardcore, death metal, prog, black metal, post-rock, and avant garde that saw release throughout 2014 (and in one case, beyond). There’s bound to be something for everyone, and hopefully you’ll come across a band you’ve never heard before that will remain firmly on your radar going forward.

Click through after the jump to check out the featured tracklist and stream and/or download the compilation via our official Bandcamp page.

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Panopticon – Roads to the North


Panopticon has fast become a trusted name when it comes to the furtherance of black metal. The project, lead by Louisville area resident Austin Lunn, (relatively) broke out of obscurity with 2012 record Kentucky, an ode to the early 1900’s coal labor strikes and the protest songs born out of the movement. Lunn combined the contemporary Post-Black Metal school of thought popularized by the likes of Wolves in the Throne Room with traditional Americana and Bluegrass passages, creating an absolutely striking and unique blend that has never been seen before on such a scale. Since then, Kentucky has already been heralded as a modern classic, and the metal community has been aching for more “blackgrass” (it’s okay; no one actually calls it that) ever since. Following up such a masterpiece can be a daunting task for one man to make, but Lunn doesn’t falter with its informal sequel, Roads to the North.

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Blood Music Comes Through; Xanthochroid Will See First Pressing

A while ago, in the midst of record setting pressings, exciting artists and huge box setsBlood Music promised it will be pressing Xanthochroid’Incultus. The EP in question is one of the masterpieces of ambient black metal, being an eclectic mix of black metal, avant-garde and innovation. Now, Blood Music have come through as they announced  more details on this release yesterday. True to their habits, Blood Music will be pressing this vinyl from the remastered version, offering a new and perhaps improved take on such an aurally complex creation.

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Blood Music Tease Moonsorrow Boxset, “The Largest Metal Boxset In History”

moonsorrow boxset teaser

Hope you guys aren’t tired of hearing about Finnish label Blood Music, because they’re basically Heavy Blog: The Label in terms of their roster of artists at this point. They’ve got a direct line to our hearts. And our wallets.

They were in the news last week for promising first-ever vinyl releases from both Xanthochroid and Cormorant in 2015, and we also missed the news that Vulture Industries were getting the Blood Music treatment as well. Now, they’re teasing the largest metal boxset in history with a pressing of the entire Moonsorrow discography.

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Blood Music Promises Xanthochroid and Cormorant Releases For 2015

blood music xanthochroid cormorant

Hello readers, and welcome once again to our recurring segment Heavy Blog Loves Blood Music! Short recap: Cloudkicker. Perturbator. SERDCE. This time around, Blood Music are increasing their roster, adding two bands to their already impressive support of unique and quality music. This would be cause for celebration alone but the specific names joining the roster make us all here at Heavy Blog extra happy.

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Arthur von Nagel (ex-Cormorant) Talks About His Transition From Metal Musician to Game Tester


It’s been about two years since founding Cormorant member Arthur von Nagel’s departure from the band, and I’m still not quite over it. Surely the impending release Earth Diver will heal these wounds, but it’s hard to not miss such an integral part of such a beloved band. While the band are carrying on, Arthur has been busy building life anew as a Quality Assurance Tester and Localization Specialist at Telltale Games, creators of the celebrated The Walking Dead game.

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Stream A New Cormorant Track, ‘Waking Sleep’

cormorant 2013

We’ve already given you a heads up that Cormorant have taken the crowdsource route for their upcoming album Earth Diver. Since then, they’ve met their goal with a fairly comfortable amount of time left — 65 hours as of this writing — and secured the release of their first album without former frontman/bassist Arthur Von Nagel, who left the band to pursue a career in video games.

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Help Make The New Cormorant Album Happen

cormorant 2013

The internet metal community is in love with Cormorant. Whether it be because of the open line of communication, spirit of independence, or simply because the music is that great (it is), the hype is always great when the band becomes active. The group’s last album Dwellings was a masterpiece of folk/black metal inspired prog, so naturally hopes are high for the band’s upcoming third release. The only caveat in sight is the loss of frontman and bassist Arthur von Nagel, who left to pursue a career in video games. You may have seen his work in the award-winning The Walking Dead game from Telltale Games. Excellent choice for a career path indeed, but he will be greatly missed as Cormorant’s mouthpiece.

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