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16 – Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds


Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds


01. Theme From ‘Pillpopper’
02. Parasite
03. Her Little ‘Accident’
04. The Sad Clown
05. Ants In My Bloodstream
06. Broom Pusher
07. Opium Hook
08. Bowels Of A Baby Killer
09. Beyond Fixable
10. Only Photographs Remain

[Relapse Records]

When I was much younger, I had a friend who was a little bit ‘off’ — a genuinely nice guy through and through, but over the short time I knew him, he provided some of the more memorable and repressed parts of my childhood. One day, upon receiving a pen knife and his first round of responsibility, he turned to me with a wry grin and said:

Hey, do you wanna see something cool?

With no hesitation at all, he proceeded to dig the knife into his skin and carve out a wart that had chosen to adorn itself on his forearm. To be entirely fair, it was a pretty precise job considering how dull the blade was but the whole time I had my eyes fixated on the gruesome display out of some weird morbid curiosity. I’m not that squeamish, but a few moments later he held up his grisly flesh trophy and waves of nausea ran through my gut. Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds takes me back directly to that moment, dredging up that exact uneasy feeling I got from watching his gleeful self-mutilation.

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Having A Bad Day? Drown In Your Regret(-core) With 16

Do you enjoy your music to be a hopeless black void of despair? Would you prefer it if every note dredged up all your most cringe-worthy moments and made you re-live them over and over? Remember that time you realised you’d failed at achieving all your dreams?

16 remembers and they’re making sludgey regret-core to soundtrack it just like Grandma used to. They’re an acquired taste, but for fans of Eyehategod, Cavity or even Iron Monkey they inject some much needed hopelessness into your life. The band is set to release their latest album Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds on the 24th of April through Relapse and the above lyrics video for ‘Her Little ‘Accident’‘ is the first new material released by the band since their 2009 outing Bridges To Burn. Despite the relatively short turn around (the band have released 6 full lengths  in 20 years), 16 have really upped their game and dabbled in some interesting time signatures alongside their signature misanthropic hatred and I look forward to seeing how the rest of the album stacks up.

– DL

Haarp – The Filth


The Filth

01. The Rise, The Fall
02. All, Alone
03. A New Reign
04. The Blue Chamber Painted Red
05. Peerless
06. Minutia
07. Here In The Dark
08. Plurimus Humilus, Ciacco
09. The Fall, The Rise

[Housecore Records]

It’s a shame sometimes when bands get picked up on by already famous musicians, they sometimes get cast under that same shadow for the whole of their careers so I will make a blatant effort not to mention the man who’s name rhymes with Bill Fandelmo.

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