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Stream Some Summer Sickness Courtesy Of Deathwish Inc.

Not a week after prolific hardcore label A389 Recordings dropped a behemoth of a mixtape on our undeserving heads, Deathwish Inc. are at it now with a summer sampler of their own! The brainchild of Tre Watson and the most revered front man of Heavy Blog favorites Converge, Deathwish has been putting out exemplary hardcore and avant-garde releases for more than a decade now. You can’t throw an extended range guitar at our year end lists without hitting a Deathwish album! This 20 track sampler is full of label favorites and a few that you might have missed if you haven’t been paying attention. Well, pay attention.

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Suddenly, New Album From The Mire

the mire glass cathedrals

Either I’m getting worse at keeping up or this album came out of nowhere. But, dropped directly into our laps is the new album Glass Cathedrals from The Mire, whom you may remember as the band that rose from the ashes of the recently reformed UK post-metal group Bossk. It appears that after things fell through with an intended label release, the band took it upon themselves to publish their debut full-length without all the pre-release hype. I like it, getting right to the point!

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UK Metalheads, Check Out Beyond The Redshift Festival With Cult Of Luna, God Seed, Bossk & More

Cult of Luna's Redshift Festival

Recently, I stumbled upon this high quality footage of Cult Of Luna‘s recent set at Hellfest and I’ve been using it as background sound for some coding I’ve been doing. You’d think a band that relies heavily on dense layers of instrumentation and atmosphere would shine more in the studio, but this Hellfest performance is starting to become my preferred method for listening to the band. Vertikal was great, no doubt about it, but, here live, the raw sound makes it even better.

I bring this up because it’s made me really interested in this newly announced festival in London, Beyond The Redshift, that boasts a line up featuring God SeedAmplifier and Bossk and curated by the aforementioned Cult Of Luna, all playing sets with an ‘audio-visual’ experience and concept in mind.

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Bossk Sign With Deathwish Records


It’s always great to see two amazing organisations join forces to produce something special and this is exactly the case when it comes to UK based post-metal veterans Bossk teaming up with none other than Deathwish records. The collaboration will first bring us a limited vinyl 7″ release for ‘Pick Up Artist‘, a track that they put out last year for free through their site — the release will also feature a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Albatross‘, which makes perfect sense when you consider the similarly beautiful soundscapes the band used to invoke on their earliest EPs.

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Bossk Return With Free Download Of New Track, ‘Pick-Up Artist

It’s here! It’s finally here!

And like a small fat child comically waddling down the stairs on Christmas morn, my excitement for the unveiling of the new Bossk track was palpable at this point. Thankfully, the eight minute sludgy masterpiece of ‘Pick- Up Artist‘, which you stream above courtesy of Metal Hammer, lives up to the unrealistic expectations I’d set for it and the cherry on top being that you can download your copy from the band’s website for the grand old price of absolutely nothing.

The track itself is a little more immediate and vocal-centric than the material on the .1 and .2 EPs but there’s no shortage of the band’s signature introspective post-metal in the latter half of the track. Fans of IsisCult Of Luna and related act The Mire would do themselves well to check this UK collective out sooner rather than later.

– DL

Dragged Into Sunlight Announce Upcoming Record, Widowmaker

Grimey blackened hardcore group Dragged Into Sunlight are one of the most fascinating live bands I’ve ever seen, and their stage presence is no doubt as dark and intense as their recorded music. Their 2010 debut Hatred for Mankind was heavy in both musical brutality and emotion. Their debut was re-issued last year by Prosthetic Records, and since then, the band has reached acclaim and a great deal of hype.

Now, all eyes in extreme metal are on Dragged Into Sunlight as they are set to release their sophomore record Widowmaker. A press-release of sorts (above) was posted to the band’s Facebook page, and it captures the bleakness that the band have promised. Widowmaker contains three tracks, clocking in at 40-minutes. Here’s a cut from Prosthetic’s own press release:

“Widowmaker” was produced by Tom Dring during three recording sessions over the course of two years and includes additional guitars by an unnamed member of UK cult metal band Bossk. The grueling 40-minute, three-track album has been described by the band as “everything heavier and everything louder than everything else” with “an oppressing overtone of complete misery, depression, and isolation” in true DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT form.

Widowmaker sounds absolutely devastating and I can’t wait to hear it. More information will become available in the coming weeks. Widowmaker is due out November 6th on Prosthetic Records.

– JR

Metal Blade Signs Downfall Of Gaia

It seems that all things drawn out and epic are coming out on top this year — with great releases from If These Trees Could Talk, Frames and Pelican and even the recent reformation of legendary post-metallers Bossk all vying for attention for the past six months. To add to that, it turns out Metal Blade have recently signed Germans Downfall Of Gaia, whose crusty meanderings bring to mind a whole collection of influence including Isis, Humanfly and even the aforementioned Bossk. Having formed only in 2008, the band has released material in a multitude of formats, but most recently in the form of a split with Swedes In The Hearts Of Emperors, which you can listen to over at their bandcamp page.

Despite stretching two songs over twenty minutes, it’s a compelling listen that sways naturally from bleak and desolate guitar breaks through to crushing elephantine riffs. Definitely a band to keep an eye on and thankfully they have chosen to release their new concept album Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes later this year — another record to add to the ever growing list of things to look forward to.


Bossk’s Tom Begley On The Future Of The Band And The Upcoming Plans

After what has been an amazing year so far, you’d be hard pushed to drag up some news that could get me any more excited than I already am. Yeah sure, maybe ‘Strapping Young Lad return with brand new double album’ or ‘Zombie Dimebag plays ‘Cowboys From Hell‘ to packed cemetery’ would do the trick, but let’s be realistic here. Well, at least, I thought I should. Seeing the reformation of the monolithic UK post-metal titans Bossk was clearly marked in the section of pipe dreams last time I checked, but they’re back and here to show the metal world how to really define the word ‘epic’. I got in contact with bassist Tom Begley to get a few details on their come-back and upcoming plans:

After such a sudden break up, what prompted the reformation of Bossk?

It was something that we had been discussing on and off for a while, and having the opportunity to go and do a Maida Vale session was too much of a good thing to turn down. Everything kinda felt like it was the right time for us all to start doing it again.

I noticed on your initial mission statement that you said after the planned shows, you weren’t sure of what was going to happen. So is it fair to call this a fully fledged revival of Bossk or simply testing the waters and seeing how it goes?

Right now the plan is to write a full length album, we have plans to do two support shows and two headline shows before the end of the year. We will see how far the rest of 2012 takes us!

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Thursday Redeems Itself As Bossk Announce Their Reformation!

Bossk live

It’s as cold as Satan’s balls in London at the moment, and to compound the issue my heating is on the blink, I have a splitting headache, and I have one more day of work this week. FirstWorldProblems, I know.

Never mind all that though, because 2012 – year of the epic reform – has thrown up another gem in the news that Kentish post-metal outfit Bossk are reforming.


Bossk were another one of last decade’s British metal rising stars who parted ways far too soon, releasing two phenomenal EPs and a live DVD (.1, .2 and .3 respectively) and having one of the most atmospheric live shows on the scene. The first time I saw them, supporting Envy no less, one guy in the audience just lay down in front of the stage and chilled. It was fantastic.

They also played with the likes of The Ocean, Cult Of Luna, Doomriders, Baroness and Torche in their time, to name but a few, and now they’re back. Speaking via their website, they revealed that “The time has come for the five of us to perform together again.” It’s been more than four years now, but it seems the draw of the music has called them back. I actually wrote a eulogy to the band a couple of years ago, and it appears my musical wishes are all coming true this year.

They’ll be starting off slowly, but will be recording a session with Daniel Carter of Radio 1 at the famous Maida Vale studios – including a new song – and playing at least two shows this year.

Drummer Tom Begley was in the equally tasty The Mire for a time, but it seems he’s now itching to get back to some Star Wars-related business. Sexy. In the meantime, feast your ears on this and get excited:

– CG

The Mire – Volume: II

The Mire

Volume: II

01. The Nobleman
02. Shadows
03. The Rift
04. Curse Variations
05. Wheelwalker
06. Fears

[Eyesofsound | 12/13/10]

It’s no secret that we here at Heavy Blog share what is (for the most part) a common love for all things post and progressive. Perhaps a bit too much, some might say; but we’re here to talk about music we love, and that just happens to be in the realm of progressive metal. Way back when my current main man and Heavy Blog editor Disinformatiya first joined, the first thing I can recall him doing is turning me on to a band called The Mire, a relatively new post-metal band born out of the ashes of Bossk and Centurion. He had linked me a copy of their debut EP, Volume: I. While it was a great listen, the extremely short length of two tracks left much to be desired. I promised myself that I’d keep an eye out for Volume: II, as the band had a promising sound.

The year then flew by without the band being so much as a blip on my radar—until December, that is. I had just barely missed the release; I had found the band on Facebook to see that they had released Volume: II a few days prior. Great timing on my part, given the fact that I had completely forgotten their existence.

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