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Bedlam Of Cacophony Unveil New Pre-Production Track; Crowdfunding New Album, Abstract Gods

bedlam of cacophony

Not a regular name around these parts by any means, Bedlam Of Cacophony probably will be soon enough. The Orange County natives play spastic, math tinged grind and it reeks of excellence. With members from mayhem merchants Gigan, what should you expect really? If you dig on anything from Destrage to Magrudergrind, you should head on over the jump to check the preproduction version of “In Frantic Search Of An Answer.

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Disfiguring the Goddess – Deprive

disfiguring the goddess 2013Disfiguring the Goddess


01. The Path To Everlasting Nothingness
02. Deaths Head Mask
03. Home of the Dollmaker
04. Deprive
05. Industrial Quarter
06. Swarm King
07. Old Man

[Decomp Records]

Cameron Argon is probably one of the most interesting personalities in metal today. Starting out as a death metal enthusiast in his teens, Cameron is now a successful twenty-something DJ and vlogger, having taken his electronic project Big Chocolate on tour on top of being a much sought after remix producer. In his spare time though, Cam still moonlights as the sole member of the slam-obsessed Disfiguring the Goddess. Quite the disparate selection of projects for sure, and despite Disfiguring the Goddess being demoted to a glorified side-project, Cameron somehow manages to push the envelope of brutal death metal through a bit of cross-pollination.

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disfiguring the goddess

Cameron Argon is a polarizing figure in metal insofar as the difficulty it is finding someone ambivalent of him and his work. People seem passionate about his work in Disfiguring the Goddess and Big Chocolate, but many others can’t seem to hate him enough. Sure, Disfiguring the Goddess is brutal death metal by way of electronic music, but if you can’t get down with grooving death metal riffs and synth leads then I just don’t have anything to say to you.

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PHOTOS: Vans Warped Tour — July 12th @ Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ [Part Two]

Warped 2013

[View Part One Here]

Vans Warped Tour is a yearly staple in the American touring circuit. Sure, the amount of relevant heaviness fluctuates with each year, but the 2013 iteration saw a handful of bands worth caring about. Photographer Maclyn Bean attended the Camden, NJ date of the tour, and with as many bands as he shot, we’re splitting his photos into two posts! This time, we have photos of Big Chocolate, Crossfaith, Oh Sleeper, August Burns Red, Defeater, The Story So Far, and Glass Cloud‘s Chad Hasty performing fill-in drum duties for The Amity Affliction!

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PHOTOS: Big Chocolate — March 15th at Soundgarden Hall in Philadelphia, PA


It’s not every day where it is appropriate for a metal site to send a photographer out to a traditional modern electronic show comprised of solely DJ sets, but Cameron Argon — who operates under the stage name Big Chocolate — has a metal lineage that puts him within the boundaries of relevance despite whatever project he’s involved in. It’s a rarity these days to catch Argon on stage in a metal context (sorry, still no Disfiguring the Goddess live shows planned — ever), so resident East coast photographer Maclyn Bean got the next best thing with photos from Big Chocolate’s DJ set at Soundgarden Hall in Philadelphia.

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Alex Hofmann of Fallujah’s Top 10 Albums of 2012


Earlier this year, we attempted to get burgeoning progressive death metal group Fallujah onto the Summer Slaughter Tour and urged all of you to vote for them. Unfortunately they didn’t make it and were edged out by Cerebral Bore, but they did wind up on Slaughter Survivors tour alongside Pathology. Close enough, and them being on the poll and getting such high numbers in the first place earned the band a legion of new fans! Their debut album The Harvest Wombs became a surprise hit with us when it dropped late last year and still gets the odd spin or two. We decided to reach out to the band’s frontman Alex Hofmann to get his take on this year’s new music. His selections may surprise you!

I’m Alex, the Vocalist for Fallujah from San Francisco. 2012 was an awesome year for new records; in my own personal sense it was a great year for non-metal records. Nearly everything that really stuck with me was from alterior genres.

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Southern California: Is Your Body Ready For The Long Beach Rock Party?

Attention Southern California residents, are you looking for an awesome and affordable show to go to that you will probably not remember afterwards? Then the Long Beach Rock Party is the place to go. All ages to party, 21+ to drink. No genres are held back, with hardcore bands like No Bragging Rights and Jamie’s Elsewhere, metal bands such asAnimals As Leaders and Sea Of Treachery, with special DJ sets provided by rising electro/dubstep/house music star Big Chocolate and the infamous man behind isanyoneup.com Hunter Moore, among over 100+ other local acts.

Yes, you read that right. 100+ is quite a number. But it’s worth going to for the diverse headliners alone. The event features ten stages separated by music genres, five inside and five outside. Going from 10:30am-2am, rain or shine, it’s almost 24 hours of non-stop action. On top of the bands, there will be a couple bars, a giant pool in the middle of the outside stages, vendors, and food supplied by the food trucks and the hotel. But there will be an In-N-Out next door, so you know the business already. And you have the marina in front of the hotel! Although I have yet to experience this, it’s already sounding like a Warped Tour-ish type of show, but with more bands and acts.

Headlining the entire venture is experimental/progressive metal band Animals As Leaders, who have just released their new album Weightless. While it may seem that putting an instrumental band as a headliner is risky, I assure you that their live set will be one to remembered. I could put it into words, but I think fellow writer Alkahest explains the selling point of one of 2011’s biggest albums quite accurately.

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Cameron Argon of Disfiguring the Goddess: The HBIH Interview

It’s hard to pigeonhole Cameron Argon. He’s not only a respected electronic artist, but he’s also the mastermind of brutal death metal project Disfiguring the Goddess. It seems pretty disparate on the surface, but the man manages to balance the two and allows them to bleed into each other, as evidenced by the many synth leads and electronic aspects to the upcoming Disfiguring the Goddess album, Sleeper, due out April 24th. To talk about his new album and other aspects of his life and music career, we traded emails with Cameron for the interview below.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us on short notice! For those who are not familiar with you or your work, who are you and what do you do?!

I’m Cameron Argon. I’m 21. I have a goofy nick name of BIG CHOCOLATE and I make music and a video everyday.

So, let’s cut to the reason you’re here: Sleeper is your latest release under Disfiguring the Goddess. How do you personally feel about it and how it holds up compared to Circle of Nine?

YES. I personally feel like it blows CoN out of the water. On all aspects. Maturity, structuring, production, presentation, vocals, everything. CoN never really sat well with me, but I decided to release just because it was 10 songs I had sitting on my computer. Sleeper is actually something I’ve been eager to release and get out there.

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Disfiguring The Goddess – Sleeper

Disfiguring The Goddess


01. Sleeper
02. Queen Kingdom
03. Daughter of Depths
04. Lady Epicenter
05. Vines of Aftermath
06. Mountain
07. Ocean Tomb

[Self Released]

Slamming brutal death metal is probably the most hit or miss genre that one can come across in the realm of extreme music. Like deathcore pitch shifted down a handful of steps, the sonic experience of the genre is the aural equivalent of being hit in the side of the head with a hammer. The music is quite esoteric in general and it is certainly not for everyone, as the genre pushes the boundaries for how brutal death metal can ultimately go. The genre’s trademark gutteral vocal style and affinity for breakdowns leaves the door wide open for a lot of truly vapid music to come staggering through, as we’ve seen with the embarrassing Waking the Cadaver. However, there are artists out there who can swing low and still write memorable songs; when I first heard Abominable Putridity earlier this year, I thought they were as ridiculously catchy as slam could get. That is, until I heard Disfiguring the Goddess‘ latest offering, Sleeper.

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Disfiguring The Goddess Announces New Album; Song Streaming At Metalsucks

I typically ain’t all that fond of slam unless it comes from the ridiculously catchy Abominable Putridity. However, when I listen to the brand new Disfiguring the Goddess track ‘Daughter of Depths.’ I can’t help but enjoy the everloving shit out of it. While I don’t like most of the tones/production, I love me some hypnotic synth leads over some brutal derf mertlz. So, I guess I need to start paying more attention to the genre, because if this is what it can entail (none of that breakdown bree bree shredded wheat nonsense of that Waking the Cadaver tripe), then I can see myself bumping some slams on the reg.

Hop on over to Metalsucks and listen to the new Disfiguring the Goddess track. Even if you hate slam, you might find something enjoyable about it! ‘Daughter of Depths‘ is set to appear on the forthcoming new album Sleeper. Here’s the tracklist, if you’re the type of dude who likes to see the names of songs you’ll be hearing in a few weeks:

01. Sleeper
02. Queen Kingdom
03. Daughter Of Depths
04. Lady Epicenter
05. Vines of Aftermath
06. Mountain
07. Ocean Tomb

Pre-orders are now available at this location. Sleeper is due out April 24th!

– JR