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btbam the atlas moth

Between the Buried and Me are on the home stretch of recording their hotly anticipated rock opera, pushing for a tentative summer release through Metal Blade Records. Naturally, the band will have to tour in support of the record’s impending release in the meantime, and between the act’s headlining spots at the recently announced Texas Independence Fest and New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, the group will be travel-ready with a new setlist guaranteed to see audiences between Austin, TX and Worchester, MA.

So of course it’s a lock that we’ll see Between the Buried and Me touring North America this spring (hopefully with new material in their set!), but a full itinerary and supporting lineup are currently unknown. However, post-metal act The Atlas Moth are strongly hinting that they will be involved in the trek.

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texas independence festival

To celebrate the 170th anniversary of Texas not being independent, Texas Independence Fest has released the lineup for their 2015 festival from April 10th to 12th.

The list of bands is long and crazy, featuring some performances that are inevitably going to be fantastic. From deathcore titans like Oceano and Whitechapel to the technically-laden Vale of Pnath and headliners Between The Buried And Me, the grouping looks intense and diverse. More bands are to be announced in the (hopefully near) future.

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Prog-metal up-and-comers Escher are gearing up for the release of their new EP, The Ground Is Missing, which will be released this Tuesday by Primitive Ways Records. To get everyone ready for their 20-minute onslaught of unpredictability and tight musicianship, they’ve decided to release the opening track ahead of time. Check out ‘The Bog’ below:

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NEMHF poster

To be completely honest, the current lineup for the seventeenth installment of the annual New England Metal & Hardcore Festival is fairly disappointing. Other than a stellar set of headliners on Saturday, most of the other bands are either relatively unknown or not particularly interesting, with Sunday having an especially weak lineup. A decent chunk of new bands were added to the bill yesterday and more or less continued these sentiments, with the exception of one excellent act. Head over the jump for the new additions and a complete, updated lineup: View Full Article »

Between the Buried and Me

Over the Christmas break, modern prog-metal titans Between the Buried and Me confirmed that the group will be returning to Jamie King’s Basement Studios to record the hotly anticipated follow-up to the group’s monumental concept album The Parallax II: Future Sequence early this month. The group’s seventh album is slated to be a rock opera, but the details of the story and the extent to which the band will take the record into “operatic” territory are currently unknown. However, a short clip posted to frontman Tommy Rogers’ Instagram account strongly hints at some over-the-top avant garde weirdness on the vocal front.

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We know 2014 is not over yet but you’ll forgive us if we gaze past its dying moments and into the bright flame that is 2015 (wow, that was metal as fuck). A lot of us honestly believe that we are living in a Golden Age of Metal, going by number AND quality of releases in the past 3-4 or years. Keeping that in mind, it seems as if 2015 is gearing up to be just as badass and filled with amazing music as 2014. In order to get you prepped for all the goodness that is about to descend on us, we’ve compiled a list of releases we are currently expecting in 2015.

Just to make something clear: an “expected release” is any release which is confirmed or very highly likely. Your mileage may vary though, so it’s quite possible some of these won’t actually come out in 2015. However, we did all we can to research these and make sure that they are either confirmed or extremely likely due to the band being in the studio, signing to a new label or hinting towards a close release. We haven’t bothered with “mythical” albums that might see release, such as Tool (yeah right) or Necrophagist (please). So, enjoy! Head on over the jump for the full list and let us know in the comments if there’s anything we missed.
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Let’s keep it brief, okay folks? This is the second part of our Top 50, Album of the Year list. At the end, you’ll find our Top 10, while tomorrow we’ll have individual staff members’ top 10 lists and our Outliers section: albums that were placed on individual top 10’s but didn’t make the Top 50 list.

The albums you’ll find here were ones that had broad consensus among our large group of staff writers and editors as truly excellent representations of the worlds of metal and other heavy music this year. No doubt you’ll find things to quibble with, but we’re proud of this list and the entries therein.

If you haven’t yet, check out Part I of this list, listing numbers 50 to 26. Alright, OK, no more words. Let’s get to it!

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nemhf 2015

The hype train for the 2015 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival has just left the station and is approaching full speed as the first wave of bands on the fest’s billing have been announced. Between the Buried and Me and Testament will be headlining Friday and Saturday respectively, with Sunday’s headliner pending announcement this Thursday, December 11th.

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favorite-videosYears after the demise of Headbangers Ball metal bands continue to put out music videos, most destined for a spot on YouTube and maybe some niche cable TV channel. Compare your favorite Heavy Music Video to ours after the jump.

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two-weeksOnce again two weeks have passed since we last did a round-up of reviews on Heavy Blog. The new music you might have missed our takes on after the jump.

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