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We’ve got out our eyes and ears closely set on Australia, you already know that, and it’s exactly because they pick up such great, relatively nameless bands. Weightless in Orbit have been a thing for a while now, touring around the country with several recognized names. However, we assume that not all of you are able to fly to Australia for small progressive acts (how I wish I could!) and so we’re very happy to announce that the band have released initial material from their upcoming album, Fractures. Head on over the jump to check it out!

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Lost in the shitstorm that followed my most recent interview with Between the Buried and Me’s Paul Waggoner earlier this summer, the band’s co-founder and lead guitarist gave us a preview of what to expect from the band’s upcoming DVD of Parallax II: Future Sequence. “We wanted to do something different where it was more stripped down, just us in a room jamming,” Paul told me back in June. “That was sort of what we were going for. So it was just us playing the new record straight through.” Now in a newly released trailer for the release vocalist and keyboardist Tommy Rogers also focuses on the intimacy of this DVD. Check out more details after the jump!

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White Arms of Athena

Heavy Blog favorites White Arms of Athena have at long last wrapped up new album recording sessions with producer Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studios! It’s been a difficult three year wait since their debut album Astrodrama, which effectively combined the modern prog sensibilities of Between the Buried and Me with Cynic‘s kaleidoscopic touch and Blink-182‘s mastery of hooks. Believe it or not, the sound works, and the band promises a stylistic evolution along with Ballou’s celebrated production.

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Welcome to the second part in our ongoing series of Heavy Blog Is Heavy’s “Best Of” selections where we explore a genre of music and each of our dedicated authors pick a favorite album to share a personal experience with. For our second round, we have chosen a genre that is somewhat controversial—Progressive Metalcore. It’s controversial in that its boundaries are somewhat unclear and therefore host a slew of different bands under their wings. In addition, the word metalcore itself is enough to set many a mouth foaming.

Harnessing the aggression inherent in metalcore, the progressive end of things seeks to give it a more subtle or varied expression. Taking the normal tools of the trade; breakdowns, harsh vocals and chuggy bass to name a few, the genre further expands on them in many different ways. Sampling, peculiar structures or the introduction of unexpected genres (like jazz for example) seek to modify the basic metalcore formula. The bands on this list excel in fusing the two halves together to create an intriguing, yet still aggressive, whole.

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john abiotic

In my never ending search for the sickest “Great New Metal” bands, I spend a lot of time on social media, mostly Facebook, talking with and cultivating friendships with musicians in local and regional bands across America and around the world.  John Matos of Miami, Florida’s Abiotic was one such artist until I fired up the Interwebs one day to read that John and his band had been signed to Metal Blade.  Pretty fucking impressive.

In the nearly two years since Slagel’s label released the album Symbiosis, Abiotic (say it Ay-BYE-otic, not Ay-BEE-otic as I too often do) has gone through a lot of lineup changes, specifically involving drummers and vocalists.  But as we discussed during their recent tour through Northern California as the band prepares to record with Jamie King (BTBAM, The Contortionist, Scale the Summit) its second Metal Blade release, John now appears to have the team in place he wants to take on the world.

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meshuggah tour 2014

Meshuggah’s 25th anniversary tour with Between The Buried and Me brought out thousands of prog fans around the country to an otherwise comparatively short run of dates. It’s not hard to imagine how a package like this can succeed, with the tour wrapping up with a sold out show at Best Buy Theater in New York City. Photographer Maclyn Bean attended that final date of the tour, and also captured a BTBAM headline show in Philadelphia at the Theater of the Living Arts two days later. You can catch photos from both gigs after the jump.

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thomas giles

Thomas Giles, the solo project of Between the Buried and Me frontman Tommy Rogers, is currently in the studio with long-time collaborator Jamie King and former BTBAM drummer Will Goodyear for its sophomore album, Modern Noise.

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Lists! What unruly, yet wholly necessary beasts. On the one hand, they offer a great opportunity to get a bearing on the amazing year 2014 has been so far. Just so you get an idea of exactly how awesome it’s been, the master list for these final 25 included over 100 albums. On the other hand, lists always have an arbitrary nature to them: why 25? Should they be ranked, un-ranked, color-coded, digitized or sent via smoke signal? However, we here at Heavy Blog is Heavy feel that most contentions can be resolved with just a pinch of salt: this is our list, derived from the entirety of our contributors and then voted upon. Yay, democracy!

So, please use this list as more of a guide than a definitive rule book for what’s cool and what’s not. If even one reader walks away from these posts with an extra album or band in tow, we’ll consider our mission accomplished. These posts will air all across the upcoming week, in installments of five at a time. The posts are unranked, although the final five was reserved for albums that enjoyed overwhelming consensus among our staff. You can also find a short list of albums that didn’t quite make the list but are still well worth a listen at the beginning of each post.

So without further ado, here’s an arbitrarily arranged list of awesome albums from 2014 so far. Remember: it’s okay to not like thing.

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EmmureTwo and a half years ago, Ex-Between the Buried and Me/Bury Your Dead drummer joined the ranks of Emmure. Today, his departure was revealed through a post on LambgoatAll Shall Perish‘s drummer Adam Pierce is currently filling in for their Mayhem Fest dates, and the split between Castillo and the band appears to be an amicable one. Will we now witness a shift in the iconic style of Emmure? That hardly seems the case, as they have stuck with their relentless style through all previous changes.

You can check out our review of the bands latest offering Eternal Enemies here.


Between the Buried and Me

Following a recent interview, posted here, with Between The Buried And Me guitarist Paul Waggoner, it turns out a few people were a little worried at the prospect of the band preferring to avoid some of their older material at live shows. I’m honestly not sure why this blew up so much, because it’s pretty common for bands these days that are still deep within the regular ‘touring and releasing new music’ cycle to keep things fresh by focusing mainly on their newer material. But it seems it was enough for the band to make a statement on their Facebook page, reading:

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