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Watch Full Live Sets Of Neurosis and Sumac At Their Surprise Brooklyn Show

Neurosis thumb

When I heard that the mighty and legendary Neurosis were making their way to Brooklyn this summer, my heart skipped a beat at the thought of being able to film them. The venue they were originally slated to play solely in however, Warsaw, is not particularly video-friendly, at least compared to Saint Vitus, which has cultivated a genuine community of concert videographers like myself who have been doing this far longer than I have. My heart skipped a beat again then when I heard rumors of the band adding a second show at Vitus, and lo’ and behold, those rumors turned out to be true. On August 10th, the veteran progressive sludge/post-metal enclave appeared for possibly the most packed show I’ve ever seen at the venue. There was hardly an inch of free standing room, and I had to get creative and adaptive with my camera placement just in order to make it work. Neurosis also had along with them one of their openers from the rest of the tour, Aaron Turner’s (ISIS) crushing Sumac, whose debut album you really need to listen to if you haven’t already. Watch complete full sets of both of these stellar bands after the jump!

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Watch James Knoerl Slay On This Drum Cam Footage Of Native Construct’s “Passage”

11046515_10207414955750353_4656928540310260799_n copy

Our dear friend James Knoerl (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAME) recently went on tour as the live drummer for Heavy Blog favorite act Native Construct, who recently released the powerful Quiet World to great critical acclaim.

With a stellar lineup of Wings Denied and Outrun the Sunlight at their backs, the rising progressive giants shredded their way through the Eastern US and some of the Midwest, dominating several stops along the way, including Chicago [photos]. Photographer/videographer Jonathan Earley captured some spectacular footage of drummer James Knoerl (happy birthday, jame) during the performance of “Passage” at Michigan’s Token Lounge. Footage edited by Outrun the Sunlight’s Austin Peters.

Check out the footage below!

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Watch Jamie Saint Merat Record Pre-Production Drums For Ulcerate’s Fifth Album

j saint merat

In the grand scheme of things, there are very few bands wherein the drummer could be seen as the focal point of a band. As far as I’m concerned, Jamie Saint Merat of New Zealand post-death metallers Ulcerate is one of the greatest drummers in the genre despite not being as well known as, say, Danny Walker or Blake Richardson. The string portion of Ulcerate is downright menacing and Lovecraftian in overall sense of murky atmosphere and dread (arguably their defining sound), but Merat’s dynamic, technical depth, and intricacy is what makes Ulcerate such an interesting band to listen to.

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LIVE PREMIERE: So Hideous – “Yesteryear”

So Hideous - Yesteryear thumb

For those who follow the blog and our video output closely, you may recall I mentioned last month that we had an incredible set from post-black metal group So Hideous, but we could not show any of it because it contained all brand-new material off of their upcoming sophomore album Laurestine. You may also know that the band released the first official single from that album, “Yesteryear,” last week, which we thought very highly of. The track is the first of the album, and it’s a real whopper, utilizing all of the tools the band has from heart-wrenching strings, emotionally-charged howls, and gorgeous post-rock instrumentals. We are proud to be premiering a live version of that today, which you can watch after the jump!

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Gentle Reminder To See Outrun The Sunlight On Tour, So Here’s A Play-Through Video

Screenshot 2015-08-17 01.46

If you live outside of the Chicagoland area, now is your chance to see Outrun the Sunlight on tour with progressive brethren Wings Denied and Native Construct. Plus, it’s their first tour ever, so all the more reason to!

We have a guitar, bass, and keyboard play-through from the band for “Where Every Word Spoken, Speaks” and “And Every Glance Given Has Only One Meaning” played back-to-back (as they appear on the album), so hit the cut for that and remaining tour dates! Also, there’s a dog in the video.

They’re playing tonight in Westland, MI at The Token Lounge!

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Watch Battles Perform Four New Tracks Off Of La Di Da Di

Battles live session

Update: After the full stream was taken down, the band put up a standalone stream of “The Yabba.” Video has been replaced with that.

New York experimental/instrumental/math/dance rock trio Battles are gearing up to release their third studio album, La Di Da Di, next month, and if the expectations and hype surrounding this album seem inexplicably high, there’s a good reason for that. After releasing one of the most forward-thinking and adventurous albums of the past 15 years in 2007’s Mirrored, the band’s sophomore follow-up, 2011’s Gloss Drop was largely defined (and ultimately marred) by the sudden departure of guitarist/robot chipmunk-like vocalist Tyondai Braxton. La Di Da Di therefore represents a fresh start for the band and an opportunity to forge a new path. Having already released a documentary giving an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the recording and creative process for the new album (as well as a few snippets of new tracks), Battles appear to be fully eschewing convention and have yet to release a single. Instead, they have released a live session video of four new tracks, all of which are streaming in a loop on Youtube. Check them out below.

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Watch Rosetta Perform Quintessential Ephemera In Full Live (Plus Photos of So Hideous, No Way, & Descender)

Rosetta thumb

Having just released their fifth full-length album, Pennsylvania post-metal veterans Rosetta are currently on tour. Unlike most live sets though where a smattering of new material is mixed in with older classics, the band have decided to take all of Quintessential Ephemera [review] and perform the album in its entirety as their full set. Lucky for those of you who cannot see them on tour, I was able to capture the entire thing in glorious multicam video. Staff photographer Mark Valentino was also there and captured some great shots of them as well as openers So Hideous (more on them later), No Way, and Descender. See all of these below!

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Watch These Videos From The Armed Because We Say So


Detroit’s The Armed are quietly taking over the fine art form of music video. We’ve already shared with you the video for “Forever Scum”, a high definition destruction of a record player that is utterly mesmerizing to watch. Since then, the band have released a pair of clips that rank up their with the best music videos from recent years. It seems that the band are not willing to settle with releasing music for free (their new album untitled can be downloaded for gratis, along with the rest of their discography) as they keep pumping out these amazing audio-visual works of art. Head over the jump to watch the brilliant videos for “Polarizer” and “Paradise Day”.

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Check Into The Studio With Cattle Decapitation Recording The Anthropocene Extinction

Cattle Decaptitation - The Anthropocene Extinction

We’ve already heard the opening track to the new Cattle Decapitation record, The Anthropocene Extinction, and it rocks. Nah, “Manufactured Extinct” doesn’t rock. It fucking rips. If , by some feat of you being a moron, that doesn’t quite get the juices flowing for you then maybe this will. Noisey got the jump on an extensive look in the studio where Cattle recorded their upcoming Metal Blade album of the year candidate. Get some insider info into how this record took shape and what we should expect from the follow up to 2012’s opus Monolith Of Inhumanity.

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PHOTOS//VIDEOS: Full of Hell, The Body, Water Torture — May 16, 2015 @ ABC No Rio & Saint Vitus, New York, NY

Full of Hell thumb

There are some bands for whom you can tell will have a pretty significant and wide fanbase across sub-genres and even entire genres of music. And then there are some bands you know are excellent at what they do but know that their musical style and execution is likely to limit their overall reach and fanbase to a (oftentimes very dedicated) niche subgroup. The two bands featured here, Maryland’s Full of Hell and Portland’s The Body, certainly belong to the latter group. Though in style and execution the two are quite different (the former taking the more fervently-paced grindcore/powerviolence route and the latter a slower, sludgier experimental route), they are also quite sonically compatible with the other in their emphasis on noise and non-traditional musical forms. It makes sense then that the two would be touring together, especially as they intend to enter the studio soon and record a full-length collaboration album.

At the tail end of said tour, the two bands played an impressive double-header in NYC, spending the afternoon at downtown Manhattan’s infamous ABC No Rio and then jetting over to Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus for a nightcap. Heavy Blog photographer Mark Valentino was present for both shows (shooting opener Water Torture as well for the latter show), and editor/videographer Nick Cusworth was there for the second show to capture the heavy mayhem in multiple formats. See all of it after the jump!

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