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English metalcore outfit Asking Alexandria were presented with a highly tempting offer yesterday in the form of an “audition” courtesy of Protest the Hero frontman Rody Walker. It seems the self-proclaimed stay-at-home-boyfriend is making excellent use of down time (when he’s not busy cleaning, of course) following the end of the Volition tour cycle last month, as this audition comes as the latest in a series of informative(?) videos shot from the comfort of his newly-obtained suburban abode.

Check it out after the jump.

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With Vicky Psarakis on vocals now, there’s no stopping Canada’s The Agonist. Our friends over at Bloody Disgusting have premiered a new music video for “My Witness, Your Victim” from the upcoming album Eye of Providence.

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the ghost inside tour

Mosh happy melodic hardcore outfit The Ghost Inside expertly bridge the gap between tough guy hardcore and the kind of hardcore you can play to your nan. Last years Dear Youth was well received around these parts with our editor Eden Kupermintz waxing lyrical about several tracks from the record. The band have now unleashed a one-two punch containing a brand new video for ‘Out Of Control’ and a similarly titled US Tour. Check the video and tour details after the jump. View Full Article »


We have recently become pretty big fans of Dethlehem, feeling fairly strongly about their latest album, Destroyers of the Realm [review], which is a pretty good time all the way through. Hell, it’s even available as low as zero dollars, because the band hate piracy that much. Why not, right?

The D&D-core boys from Pennsylvania have a new music video for you from that album, though! “Mystic Island” is the track, and the video was produced by the legendary Jens Bogren, known for his work with standout acts like Opeth and the insurmountably cheesy DragonForce.

And, oh man, you need to see this.

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Chicago’s Outrun the Sunlight are basically taking over the winter, having released the stellar Terrapin [review] before the holidays, provided us with a video for “The Pace of Glaciers,” and now a playthrough video for “Where Every Word Spoke, Speaks”?

Be still our collective heart.

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Having wrapped up a monumental (heh heh) tour with the mighty Animals as Leaders and The Devin Townsend Project, Monuments are hard at work promoting their latest album, The Amanuensis [review] with more live shows on the horizon and even playthrough videos, brought to you by MESA Engineering.

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Much to our mutual dismay, we have largely ignored covering the Chicago-based prog aficionados Dissona. Hell, even digging through our inbox we discovered that they wanted us to cover their album back in September of last year and it went unread. Oops! Still, we managed to give them a little face time on Heavy Blog when Leprous had their first US tour ever (sponsored by us!) and Dissona was right there opening for them on the Chicago date.

We’re rectifying old mistakes, though, and here to tell that Dissona is great.

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Periphery Alpha Video

Periphery have dropped their highly anticipated albums Juggernaut: Alpha and Juggernaut: Omega for all of the world to hear, so the next logical step was to release a music video. They decided to use the title track from the first album in the two-part series, ‘Alpha.’ Considering that it’s my favorite track from the two releases, I’m not complaining. It also has a life-changing concept behind it. Make sure to check it out after the jump.

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S2tN EP1

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Heavy Blog is branching out! We’ve already brought you plenty of awesome content through our YouTube channel but we’re planning to do a lot more with it this year. The first step in that is Soundtrack to the Night- a bi-monthly video-blog thing where yours truly shares a playlist with you. These playlists were compiled by staff members, friends of the blog and even musicians from the scene. Head on over the jump for the first episode!

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Norwegian progressive black metal wizards Enslaved are about to release their thirteenth album. Let that sink for a second. How many bands get to twelve albums, and how many of them have their best albums be their most recent ones? 2012’s RIITIIR was an instant classic, and the follow-up In Times sounds like it’s going to be just as impressive. Check the teaser out after the jump.

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