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Instrumental post-metal outfit from the suburbs of Chicago, reporting in! Pelican are still at it promoting their 2013 titan Forever Becoming with a brand new music video for “Deny the Absolute.”

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Rest Among Ruins are now announcing the first “chapter” of a 14-song concept album in Fugue. “Beyond the Storm” is set to pave the way for the upcoming melodic death album, produced by Drewsift Stalin and features Mike Semesky (ex-Intervals, ex-The HAARP Machine, Raunchy) on vocals, rhythm guitar, and bass, Ben Schmitz on lead guitar, and Geoff Palmer on drums.

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Having long searched for a new frontman, Dark Funeral have put their woes to rest and have released a brand new music video for “Nail Them to the Cross,” the first single from the currently unnamed upcoming album.

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Crowbar thumb

As we noted earlier this week, this past Monday marked the 10 year anniversary of the tragic death of “Dimebag” Darrell, and many bands around the world took the opportunity to mark the date with their own tributes. At Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, Noisey hosted an event that provided a fitting tribute to the man that influenced so many artists and fans. They screened the entirety of their recent “NOLA” video series (which I highly recommend), featuring the likes of Phil Anselmo and other highly influential musicians from the New Orleans metal scene.

One of the bands featured, Crowbar, were in attendance that evening and headlined an incredibly full bill of great acts, including tech death upstarts Black Crown Initiate and metalcore veterans Unearth. We’ve got full sets of the latter two and a couple of songs from Crowbar for your viewing pleasure after the jump!

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With the advent of Z2 in each of its halves—Sky Blue and Dark MattersThe Devin Townsend Project rocket ever forward onto huge, musical things. We can all admit that Devin Townsend is an unstoppable force in our world, but with Inside Out Music and Century Media in his corner, his power is immense. Much like Ziltoid, honestly.

That said, we are now blessed with a music video for Dark Matters‘ “March of the Poozers,” the part of the new Ziltoid tale where the Poozers rally together and invade Earth under the guide of the now-upset Queen Blattaria. But you know, maybe listen to the album to get the whole story. Please enjoy and be terrified by the lyric video. And I even made you some wallpapers!

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Tasmanian technical death metal veterans Psycroptic are about to drop their self-titled album early next year and have decided to get the ball rolling now with a brand new music video! While it may be just a performance video at its core, the film quality helps recapture some of the low-budget videos that American death metal bands were releasing in the early-to-mid 90s. Check it out after the jump!

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Sir Christopher Lee is one of the strongest forces in entertainment, even to this day. Having starred in more than 300 films, including Lord of the Rings (being the only actor in the cast to know J.R.R. Tolkien personally), Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and countless others (so many, in fact, that he needs his own Wikipedia page for them). Not only that, the man has a legitimate discography, with four albums and three EPs to his name.

Now, at the age of 92, Lee blesses us with another brand new single just in time for the holiday season.

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Damian Murdoch has been a busy, busy man, having toured in support of The Ocean‘s Pelagial (which is brilliant, by the by) as their new guitarist and releasing Electric Tentacles under his own semi-solo moniker of Damian Murdoch Trio in 2013.

Despite our best efforts, however, he and the gang in the Trio released a video for “Jump Rope With Electric Wires” and we completely glazed over it. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t justly bring you some good jams, so we present to you this fine piece of black and white internet cinema. Only just a few months late.

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This past weekend, Sony were adamant to give everyone a bit of an early Christmas present with the PlayStation Experience (PSX), the first in what will hopefully be more in game reveals for Sony’s lineup of consoles. A great surprise came in the procedurally-generated indie title No Man’s Sky and the reveal that post-rock act 65daysofstatic would be composing the soundtrack.

Feel free to feast your eyes and ears on the visual and audial deliciousness in the trailer below.

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We’re keen to remember ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott, unfortunately murdered ten years ago yesterday during a Damageplan performance. Textures were not the only ones to provide a tribute to our fallen brother and inspiration to many worldwide. Members of Machine Head and Darkest Hour also took the stage in London to have a 14-minute ‘Jamtera’ session in his honor.

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