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sean malone

It’s not every day that people will care about a new playthrough of a 20-year old song (oh shit!), but a video of Cynic session bassist Sean Malone performing the classic ‘Veil of Maya’ has been making waves across social media over the past couple of days. It’s no wonder, either; to my knowledge this could be the first official “playthrough” video of a Cynic track, and it’s great to hear ‘Veil of Maya’ come to life from under Malone’s finger tips. The song hasn’t aged poorly at all — if anything, its cheesy retrofuturistic sound makes it even more awesome!

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all we love we leave behind

It’s always intriguing to get a closer look at the visual and aesthetic realm that surround an artist’s music. Album covers, leaflet artwork or even artist drawn works can all give us a more immediate connection with an album or a song. We were excited then when Converge, undoubtedly one of the most interesting acts out there, released a video for the title track off their last album, All We Love We Leave BehindYou can watch it on Epitaph Records‘ YouTube channel or right here after the jump!

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the hell

In the past year or two, British hardcore enigmas The Hell have captured our hearts and minds with their completely over-the-top spirit — an ignorant tough-guy hardcore outfit with a Colbert Report tongue in cheek spin. I mean, that’s always been my assumption; taking a look through their hilarious Facebook page and the fact that they have anywhere between four to twelve anonymous members should be enough to know that The Hell is all in good fun at the expense to good taste.

The latest in The Hell shenanigans comes in the form of an an announcement that the group had signed to Prosthetic Records. A video accompanying the press release depicts the band kidnapping label head E.J. Johantgen and holding him hostage in an effort to get a record deal. Check out the brief video below.

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dillinger happiness is a smile

As a vinyl collector and a massive fan of The Dillinger Escape Plan, I was pretty bummed that the group’s new single ‘Happiness Is A Smile’ was going to be released exclusively on vinyl through the band’s merch table during their latest run of dates with Trash Talk, Retox, and SHINING. The tour was coming nowhere close to home, so I just assumed it wasn’t meant to be.

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It’s beautiful. And expensive. Relapse Records have a new video out that unboxes the reissue of Death‘s Leprosy in all its vinyl glory, carrying a red/black disc, limited edition artwork, and tons of other Death goodies.

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Though the album is nearly two years old now, French metallers Gojira still see it fit to support L’Enfant Sauvage with content. That delightfully brings us a brand new music video for the second-to-last track on the album, ‘Born in Winter,’ and it is absolutely rife with deep imagery and stuff that probably doesn’t make a lot of sense at a glance.

Please enjoy!

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Having just released a music video for ‘Moment Marauder,’ there’s no stopping these djentlemen in Intervals, who are currently touring with Protest the Hero, The Safety Fire, Battlecross, and Night Verses.

All that said, there’s a brand new music video out from their debut album, A Voice Within, and you should check it out, because it’s aces, and even highlights some stuff from the tour right now!

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Whoops. We somehow missed this. Insomnium, some of our favorite melodic death Finns, released a lyric video for ‘Revelations,’ the first single from their upcoming album Shadows of the Dying Sun.

In true Insomnium form, it’s very melodic, very deathy, and very good.

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bloodshot dawn album 2 update

Bloodshot Dawn — you might be forgiven for not knowing them based on the fact that they’re completely unsigned, but then you be missing out on one of the best bands the metal underground has to offer these days. They combine the effortless meandering of Revocation with the technically adept flourishes of Arsis to create some mutant strain of death metal inspired thrash (or thrash metal inspired death) that is genuinely face-melting. So, what better time to jump on board the hype train, than the build up to their second album?

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It sounds like 2014 is going to be the year of power metal revival, as Sonata Arctica are making a comeback, and now Edguy are coming back, too, with a new album releasing on April 18th.

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