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We have probably all looked for shapes in the clouds and tried to point them out to our friends and family. Soundgarden takes it a step further in their new video for “Storm” released last month, pulling Rorschach-ish inkblots and elaborate mirrored images straight out of cloud-and-smoke backdrops. It definitely gets a little eerie.

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When Josh Scogin popped up as part of ’68 not too long after the announcement that The Chariot were packing up and call it a day, I wasn’t too impressed. It took a few spins of their debut In Humor and Sadness for me to appreciate what the band are all about. They have just dropped one of the coolest videos of the year and you have to check it out after the jump.

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letlive. Fuck Death

letlive. are arguably one of the most interesting bands of the last few years, so naturally they understand that their fanbase is rabid and anxiously awaiting new material from them, even if it is only just a small taste. The benevolent band have decided to let us silently observe and absorb a small piece of their new album through a video posted to their Facebook. You can check out that video after the jump.

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Northlane 2014

After months of waiting, we finally have both the identity of Northlane‘s new vocalist and his debut song with the band, entitled ‘Rot’. The man behind the mic is named Marcus Ridge and he does a more than competent job on this new track. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Check out ‘Rot’ after the jump.

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There’s no denying that 2014 has been an absolutely fantastic year for metal. The year-end list mania is about to begin, and one album that’s bound to sit high up on plenty of lists is Triptykon‘s Melana Chasmata, which we raved about earlier this year. The band has released a video for the album’s opening track, “Tree of Suffocating Souls”, and it’s great. Take a peek after the jump.

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One of our favorite shoegazers Nothing have released a music video for their second song off of the bands recently released split with Whirr. The song is called, ‘Chloroform’, and the video is indeed about getting chloroformed and being taken on a ride in what appears to be an obsessive fan’s trunk. Check the video out after the jump, but make sure to look behind you before you do. You never know what could happen!

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Perhaps in an attempt to butter us up so that we willingly open our hearts and our wallets to their Indiegogo campaign effort for a new touring vehicle, progressive death outfit Black Crown Initiate have treated us to a second music video from their debut album The Wreckage of Stars. “The Fractured One,” which dropped yesterday, comes as a follow-up to “Withering Waves,” released less than two months previous. Is the timing a coincidence? Who cares??? A little buttering up never hurt anyone, and this video butters hard.

See for yourself after the jump!

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thomas giles video still

We’re just over a week out from the release of Between the Buried and Me frontman Tommy Rogers’ sophomore album under his solo moniker Thomas Giles, so we’re likely to get a full album stream any day now (but probably tomorrow). What better time to unveil a music video for what is arguably the best song on the record?

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It’s no secret that most of us here at Heavy Blog HQ are huge fans of UK melodeath act Bloodshot Dawn. Noyan recently drooled over their sophomore effort Demons, just as he should – it’s a completely drool-worthy album which will likely end up on many of our year-end lists. With their unbelievably tight playing and patented brand of thrash-inspired riffs, the band  has breathed new life into an otherwise stale genre, and surpassed even their progenitors in sheer excellence. If you haven’t caught up to them yet, this is the perfect opportunity, as they have just released a new lyric video for the seven minute-epic ‘Unified’. You can check it out after the jump, along with some additional onions.

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The Safety Fire have been super busy within a year’s time! Releasing Mouth of Swords late last year to critical acclaim, being on Eggheads, touring with Between the Buried and Me, touring again with Protest the Hero, producing a music video for “Glass Crush,” and then replacing The Faceless on Protest the Hero’s upcoming European tour, the UK locals even found time to rework one of the more laid-back tracks from their latest album.

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