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Watch Rosetta Perform Quintessential Ephemera In Full Live (Plus Photos of So Hideous, No Way, & Descender)

Rosetta thumb

Having just released their fifth full-length album, Pennsylvania post-metal veterans Rosetta are currently on tour. Unlike most live sets though where a smattering of new material is mixed in with older classics, the band have decided to take all of Quintessential Ephemera [review] and perform the album in its entirety as their full set. Lucky for those of you who cannot see them on tour, I was able to capture the entire thing in glorious multicam video. Staff photographer Mark Valentino was also there and captured some great shots of them as well as openers So Hideous (more on them later), No Way, and Descender. See all of these below!

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Watch These Videos From The Armed Because We Say So


Detroit’s The Armed are quietly taking over the fine art form of music video. We’ve already shared with you the video for “Forever Scum”, a high definition destruction of a record player that is utterly mesmerizing to watch. Since then, the band have released a pair of clips that rank up their with the best music videos from recent years. It seems that the band are not willing to settle with releasing music for free (their new album untitled can be downloaded for gratis, along with the rest of their discography) as they keep pumping out these amazing audio-visual works of art. Head over the jump to watch the brilliant videos for “Polarizer” and “Paradise Day”.

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Check Into The Studio With Cattle Decapitation Recording The Anthropocene Extinction

Cattle Decaptitation - The Anthropocene Extinction

We’ve already heard the opening track to the new Cattle Decapitation record, The Anthropocene Extinction, and it rocks. Nah, “Manufactured Extinct” doesn’t rock. It fucking rips. If , by some feat of you being a moron, that doesn’t quite get the juices flowing for you then maybe this will. Noisey got the jump on an extensive look in the studio where Cattle recorded their upcoming Metal Blade album of the year candidate. Get some insider info into how this record took shape and what we should expect from the follow up to 2012’s opus Monolith Of Inhumanity.

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PHOTOS//VIDEOS: Full of Hell, The Body, Water Torture — May 16, 2015 @ ABC No Rio & Saint Vitus, New York, NY

Full of Hell thumb

There are some bands for whom you can tell will have a pretty significant and wide fanbase across sub-genres and even entire genres of music. And then there are some bands you know are excellent at what they do but know that their musical style and execution is likely to limit their overall reach and fanbase to a (oftentimes very dedicated) niche subgroup. The two bands featured here, Maryland’s Full of Hell and Portland’s The Body, certainly belong to the latter group. Though in style and execution the two are quite different (the former taking the more fervently-paced grindcore/powerviolence route and the latter a slower, sludgier experimental route), they are also quite sonically compatible with the other in their emphasis on noise and non-traditional musical forms. It makes sense then that the two would be touring together, especially as they intend to enter the studio soon and record a full-length collaboration album.

At the tail end of said tour, the two bands played an impressive double-header in NYC, spending the afternoon at downtown Manhattan’s infamous ABC No Rio and then jetting over to Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus for a nightcap. Heavy Blog photographer Mark Valentino was present for both shows (shooting opener Water Torture as well for the latter show), and editor/videographer Nick Cusworth was there for the second show to capture the heavy mayhem in multiple formats. See all of it after the jump!

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Watch Full Live Sets of The Fine Constant and Maid Myriad From Their Heavy Blog-Sponsored Tour

TFC thumb

I should probably just stop apologizing for the huge gaps between getting these live videos out. To be perfectly honest, I’ve had to take a bit of a break from shooting shows for Heavy Blog the past month or so for a number of reasons (all of the work that my duties as an editor here of late required have certainly contributed). Nonetheless, I feel bad that I haven’t been able to get the shows I’ve already shot out in a much more timely manner. This one in particular. Progressive instrumental darlings The Fine Constant and groovy rock up-and-comers Maid Myriad came through Brooklyn this past April as a part of their “Woven In Haste” tour that Heavy Blog gladly sponsored. You can view both of their sets in full after the jump!

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We Lost The Sea Debut Live Video For ‘A Gallant Gentleman’


We Lost The Sea are an absolutely fantastic band from Australia who originally played a style of post-rock and post-metal that was fantastic. Now, however, they’re getting ready to release a new album, but this time being instrumental, and even more heavily post-rock influenced than ever before. This is due to their lead singer, Chris Torpy, committing suicide two years ago, to the shock of fans around the world. The band obviously was a different beast with him, and are still grieving over the loss of their friend. Our hearts still go out to all the friends and family of the band, and especially Chris’ family. Now, the band have released a new single, entitled ‘A Gallant Gentleman’, and have a video accompanying it below.

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The Dear Hunter’s Gorgeous New Video Shows Just How Far Lyric Videos Have Come (And Why They’re Not Going Away Even If We’d Like Them To)

The Dear Hunter - A Night on the Town vid

Last Friday, with relatively little fanfare, The Dear Hunter premiered the official video for the lead single of Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise, “A Night on the Town.” I’ve already given my effusive thoughts on the track, but if for some reason you have yet to hear it, now is an excellent time. Perhaps unsurprisingly though given how these things go these days, the video is referred to as a “lyric video,” and technically that’s exactly what it is. It consists primarily of still images and kinetic typography. Once you see it though you’ll understand why that label and its associated baggage (more on that shortly) doesn’t really hold up, as well as why, in spite of the criticisms the genre often (rightly) garners, you can expect many more of these types of videos in the future.

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Disturbed Are Back After A Four-Year Hiatus


Disturbed are a band that many people dislike. I don’t blame them. From this tasteful parody that’s pretty damn funny to some critics simply stating how awful the band is, people have been talking about them since they erupted onto the scene in the early millennium. Personally, I think Believe and Ten Thousand Fists are great albums, and definitely capture the best music from the band’s career. In 2011, after a successful tour with the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, they announced they would be taking a hiatus to focus on things outside the band. Now, after four years, they’re back, and they have a new song, which you can see below.

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Mastodon + Cats + “Asleep In The Deep” = This Trippy New Music Video


Do we really know anything about a metalhead’s fondness for felines? Do we really know anything about felines in general aside from their smushy whisker faces and adorable beany toes and their gentle purrs?

I suppose not, but what we have here is one psychedelic look at the planar adventures of one fine tabby who finds himself in a situation beyond recognition or understanding. This experience brings him to shrunken-headed zombie cats, another dimension, a frog fortune teller/foreseer, a rat companion, a three-faced werewol-rat-looking thing, and eventually back into the loving arms of his owner.

Here’s the video for Mastodon‘s “Asleep in the Deep” from their 2014 album Once More ‘Round the Sun. Here’s our review, in case you missed it.

I don’t really know. I don’t know anything.

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Hellfest Offers Up Super Cool Live Footage of Faith No More, Children of Bodom, and Lamb of God, Amoung Others


Festival season is upon us! For many concert-goers that’s excellent news. For others, though, festival season brings about a certain sense of frustration. Sometimes, for one reason or another —financial woes, prior commitments, or the fact that it’s taking place on a completely different continent—it’s just not in the cards to make it to the festivals we would ideally like to.

Luckily, Hellfest has our backs. Organizers of the event have served up an appeasing alternative for those who were unable to make it out to the event in Clisson, France this past weekend in the form of Pro-Shot footage of some of the weekends best sets. That’s right, high quality footage of entire sets, online, for free! More details after the jump!

Note that the videos auto-play upon embedding, so we’ve only displayed a single band’s live footage below.

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