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When it was announced that avant-garde composer Scott Walker would be collaborating with drone-doom titans Sunn O))), the general reaction was one of intrigue. Walker had appeared on the track “Alice” from Sunn O)))‘s album Monoliths & Dimensions, so the opportunity to hear this match-up over the course of a full length project tantalized the imaginations of experimentally inclined listeners. The final project, entitled Soused, can now be purchased through 4AD Records here, and in addition, Scott O))) has released a video for the opening track, “Brando,” which can be viewed after the jump. View Full Article »

Iamthemorning are a band that I identified as one to keep your eye on. In my review, I described them as a band that combines classical with prog, and this can be shown in the clip below for their song ‘Os Lunatum’, which has a chamber arrangement, which is more orchestral than the album version. Check it out after the jump!

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Bring Me The Horizon teased their new video for ‘Drown’ last week and thankfully, for teenage girls and die hard fans of the band, they didn’t wait long before releasing it. Now, like most of the bands we feature here, there are polarising opinions about this lot around the metaphorical Heavy Blog staff table. The band have come a long way from the Count Your Blessings days and while Sempiternal contained some good tracks, the direction the band have taken is, questionable at best, but that can wait. Check the new video after the jump. View Full Article »


You know what I miss? Deathcore that’s heavy yet technical, without any gimmicks or being stupidly over the top. Well, here we have Hybrid Sheep, who seem to scratch that itch rather well. Hailing from France, the band was formed in 2008 and they’re finally releasing their full length in December. If their first single is any indication, it will definitely contain riffs that will make you inadvertently bob your head. Check out the music video for ‘Liar’s Promises’ (which we are premiering exclusively right now!) after the jump.

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Leprous - Live

For those of you not in the know, we recently had the pleasure to sponsor the North American tour of one of the blog’s favorite progressive bands, Leprous. The Norwegians just wrapped it a few weeks ago, and unfortunately yours truly was unable to work his pro-shot video magic when they stopped by NYC (thanks, Webster Hall). However, Heavy Blog photographer and all-around handsome dude Nick Budosh was there for their final show in Springfield, VA, and he brought along his GoPro to capture the entire set in all its glory. Hit the jump to bask in it. View Full Article »


Another transmission from our favorite fourth dimensional guitar hero, Ziltoid the Omniscient, has been received! If you missed the first one, do not fret! The first episode is still available for transmission to your primitive internet device here. This new episode is all about the intelligence that Ziltoid has gathered about us through his observations. If you’re interested in what he has to say about our species, check out his second intercepted transmission after the jump!

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Since the release of their debut album, Infinitas, and maiden tour of Europe in the second half of last year, things have been quiet Circles.  However, as 2014 draws to a close, the band appears to be reactivating, and have just a released a video for the song, ‘On My Way’.  Check it out after the jump!

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cloudkicker live with intronaut

Midway through Cloudkicker‘s first ever legitimate tour (featuring Intronaut as mastermind Ben Sharp’s backing band), word got out that the event would be immortalized by way of a live album. Now, six months later, the release — simply titled Live With Intronaut — has been officially announced and is due out on November 24th through Century Media Records.

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With the release of their celebrated 2008 release Colors Live — wherein the band performed what many still consider to be their magnum opus Colors in its entirety — North Carolina’s progressive metal trendsetters Between the Buried and Me set in place the expectation of a “full experience” when it comes to albums and their impending touring cycles. It is now no longer as acceptable in the metal realm for a record to be a mere collection of songs; an album needs to be a holistic experience with recurring themes, motifs, and emotions. Of course, BTBAM weren’t the first band to take to performing full albums during live shows — prog rock bands have been doing that for decades — but they did reinvigorate a movement of technical showmanship, conceptual songwriting, and consistent live performances that permeated throughout the metal scene.

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scott-mbAfter years of DIY touring and lots of word of mouth, 2014 is a breakout year for Fallujah with a spot on Summer Slaughter and a well-recieved new CD. Guitarist Scott Carstairs hops on Skype to talk about writing, touring, and the band’s success after the jump.

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