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Pianos Become The Teeth – Keep You


When a band changes their sound, it is usually to appeal to a wider audience. It brings forth more opportunities for the group and lets them put their hands in as many markets as possible. When Pianos Become The Teeth declared that their new record would have no screaming on it, there was intrigue in regards to whether or not they could still convey the same level of intense emotion they are known for while reaching out to these new audiences and markets. Keep You, an apt title, does indeed keep the emotional intensity, but does so in a different way. This record draws you in through being incredibly personal lyrically and instrumentally and continues to do so throughout the duration of the album.
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Empty Yard Experiment – Kallisti


In a year filled with the most impressive technical death metal and vile sludge to be heard in a long time, Empty Yard Experiment and their debut album Kallisti are a welcome distraction. Containing a multinational lineup and based out of Dubai, not exactly known for its metal output, the band have released an album that is as much a throwback to the likes of early Alice In Chains as it is a great example of modern production values. With plenty to praise there also comes a fair few nits to pick also – the criticism of a debut album would not be complete without them.

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Piss Vortex – Piss Vortex



Grind, sludge and noise rock are three genres that do actually tend to describe the musical content of the bands they encompass. Piss Vortex, with their self titled debut album, find the point where these three meet and proceed to urinate all over the boundaries of each. Piss Vortex is 25 minutes of lo-fi, unashamedly filthy music that fans of Nails, Pyrrhon and Today Is The Day could quite happily put differences aside to sit down and enjoy. Something wicked this way comes, all the way from Denmark. View Full Article »

The Acacia Strain – Coma Witch


The Acacia Strain are lauded as one of the bands that lead the way in terms of the most brutal and heavy Deathcore on the market. Their signature sound is recognizable across all their releases, and the band has put out consistently good music since their inception. However, their last two records received somewhat lukewarm receptions in regards to how similar they sounded, and having to follow up to their opus, Continent, is a tough challenge. Nevertheless, the band has shown over their 12 years in existence that they can still make brutal music while also putting out one of their most experimental works to date.

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Bloodshot Dawn – Demons


Every once in a while there’s a band that comes out of nowhere and completely blows one away. Bloodshot Dawn did that with their self-titled 2012 debut, coming to a scene where melodic death metal was more or less dead, and they put a very strong statement of “No it’s not dead, everyone else is just doing it wrong” out there, with emphasis on the “death metal” part of “melodic death metal”. The self-titled album was excellent, but where can the band go from there? Turns out that they still have a lot of room to develop. Their follow-up album, titled Demons, was crowdfunded and released completely independently yet again, and it goes to show that the genre still has a lot more to offer.

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twir1019In This Week in Reviews, one of the lowest scores in recent memory but also som real winners. We’ll run it all down after the jump.

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Revocation – Deathless


Only a handful of metal bands today can claim to be carrying the torch of the future of metal. Boston’s own Revocation are one of those bands. Back in 2008, the band released their excellent debut album Empire of the Obscene, which was an insane hybrid of thrash, progressive and technical death metal, but for whatever reason, it flew under many a metalheads’ radars. However, a year later the band released Existence Is Futile, and with that album, Revocation single-handedly took the metal world by storm. People began to pay very close attention to this young and insanely talented band from Boston, and they have been ever since. As evidenced by their subsequent albums, all of which are fantastic, Revocation have progressed and matured very rapidly from a young band to a modern metal juggernaut, and the band’s latest album, Deathless, is their finest hour yet.

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Ah, the joys of coming across the onomatopoeic band-name. To all intents and purposes, Craang sounds like their moniker suggests they should. The sudden resonant “craaannng” of strings reverberating through a mass of distortion. Actual metal on metal action. Oddly enough, as a heavy band capable of dredging up some powerful emotions, Craang are reminiscent of another onomatopoeic band, Kongh. Despite their blacker outlook and doomier “kooooonnngh” those Swedes definitely share a love for a good wall-of-sound and pounding repetition with this impressive Greek trio.

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Abysmal Dawn – Obsolescence

Abysmal Dawn - Obsolescence

In a year which has seen death metal acts breathe new life into the genre, one or two are always going to miss the mark. For most, the newest offering from California’s Abysmal Dawn will undoubtedly fall into this category. By no means a riff by numbers effort, Obsolescence just does not have the requisite charm or surprise to make it anything other than a pedestrian effort, left to stand and watch the more advanced of their peers sprout wings and take flight.

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Anaal Nathrakh – Desideratum


Amidst a debate over whether or not modern metal is too immaculately produced, Anaal Nathrakh would not be a strong defense for the dissenter. For the British band’s concoction of black metal, grindcore and industrial creates some of the most mechanical and hyper-polished music in all three of these genres. And seeing as their drums are programmed by guitarist/bassist Irrumator, the band’s inhuman sound is, in a way, literally true. All of this provided neither much anticipation nor disappointment for their eighth album, Desideratum.

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